You’ll Need to Know About Stages Of A Breakup


If you had a breakup with him to her, then this post is for you. We have brought you some tips to relieve the pain. Grieving is one of the common feelings in every human being that can experience with mixing emotions and tears. We must remember that we are not attached to the person but the pleasure that we have got from them.

There are different stages of the breakup, but if you have taken that relationship too seriously, then the situation will be even worse. You may also feel that everything in your life has come to an end, but on the contrary, you must focus on the advantages.

What are the Different Stages of Breakup? 

There are different stages of grief and pain; here is some stages caused by the breakup.

Anger: – You will get angry about little things without any reason. You will need a small thing to make you angry, and it will also be harder to control.

Shock: – Your heart won’t believe that what has happened to you. You will always stay in shock mode.

Pain: – according to the survey, a breakup may lead to severe pain which may last up to 3 months.

Stalking: – Now this is most common after breakups your mind will start a source to look at what your ex is doing nowadays.

Bargaining: – During the bargaining stage, you will feel helpless and also get mad at yourself. You will start thing how you can better the outcome of the breakup.

Grief: – You will always stay in grief and start blaming your luck with that. You may also think that you are the worst person in the world, but you should know that people are going through a lot.

Anxiety and Depression: – If you had a breakup recently, you might feel depressed for many days. Of course, you won’t be able to control and concentrate and also feel so lonely at a particular time. You will start finding pleasure in smoking, drinking, and even drugs in some conditions.

Finding pleasure in drugs is very common these days, but this is just temporary, but in the long term, you are increasing your pain.

Denial stage: – In this stage, you will not believe the reality, and you will not be able to accept it. You will also find ways to let your girlfriend know what is going in your life now this a defence mechanism.

How to get out of this situation

Focus on yourself: – give yourself a little bit of time to understand what’s going in your life.

Friends and family: – Try to spend some time with them and will make you feel comfortable.

Learn from it: – Think that yes those were the good days and accept the reality learn from it and try to move on.

Motivate yourself: – Try to motivate yourself with motivational books or youtube videos.

Distract yourself: – Always stay busy with your work and don’t let your mind think about it.

Delete everything: – Delete the things which will remind you about your ex. Delete the pictures which were your memory because it will increase the time of overcoming.

Block: – Block them completely on every social media platform.

Note down bad things of ex: – Note down the bad qualities of your ex and why the things which make you feel annoying and take positive things from them.


In this post, we have shared the different stages of a breakup. And also provide some best tips about how to overcome this kind of situation. Take your life seriously don’t ruin it because of just one part of it. Hope it will help you to ease your mental pain thanks and stay connected 🙂

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