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There are different types of hair every human being has, depending on their genetics. Ofcourse, Hairs can be curly and straight, depending on genetics. We are familiar with the term porous hair. It means hairs that have curls in them.

Porosity means the capacity that hair can retain and absorb moisture. Cuticle layers, Which means the outer part of our hair is affected by porosity. Some people have less porosity. On the other hand, some people have more porosity depending on their natural hair pattern.

Knowing the porosity of our hair is very important while choosing the right hair product. The hair cuticle is responsible for giving moisture and oil, also to your hair. Hair growth is also affected due to porosity.

Types of Hair Porosity

Depending upon the damage, structure, moisture, and hair type, there are three types of porosity of hair. They are as follows.

1) Low porosity hair:- 

In this type, your hair will not hold moisture easily and habitual for buildups. Low porosity hairs can consider being the healthiest hair among all the three types. If your hair takes too much time to dry, it means you are low on porosity. It would be best if you used an excellent clarifying shampoo for inferior porosity hairs.

2) Medium porosity hair: 

This type of hair is the best type of hair because it doesn’t need to maintain them. Notably, This will eventually lose the good amount of moisture. Nowadays, because of external factors, medium porosity is seen in very fewer people.

3) High porosity hair:- 

When your hairs are high in porosity, they might damage and break quickly. Losing the moisture is nothing but high porosity, which can make your hairs too dry. Hair cuticle of high porosity hairs has more holes than others, which makes more moisture to let into the hair. You can seal them by rinsing the hair with cold water.

Checking the porosity of hair

Take the glass of water, fill it half. Pull out a single hair of yourself. Drop your hair in that glass, which is partially filled with water. If your hair touches the ground of glass or sinks entirely, your hair is highly porous.

If it takes some time to touch the ground or sink then, it is medium porous. If hair remains in the upward direction or will float, then it is termed as low porous. This one is an essential technique that you can check the hair porosity without any medical test.

Essential Tips to grow low porosity hairs


The very first step is to test the porosity of hair. For testing the porosity, go through the method given above and then proceed further. Remember, different types of porosity have different kinds of treatments.


Now, heating your hair does not mean that bathing with warm water. You can heat the hairs by heat cap, hair steamer, and hooded dryer. Heat is essential for growing low porosity hairs as it opens the closed hair follicles.

Choose the right products:- 

Choose the right products that remove the buildups and do not let your hair dry quickly. If your product is not according to the type of your porosity, it will damage the roots of the hair and will make low porosity hairs look dirty. Hence choose the leave-in conditioners wisely.

Oils for growth of low porosity hair:- 

Here are the top 5 recommended oils: Almond Oil, Baobab Oil, Argan Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and Jojoba Oil. These oils will help retaining moisture, which is more than needed.

Intensive conditioning treatment:-

It is a deep conditioning treatment responsible for strengthening the hair and increasing the density of hair.

Care for low porosity hair

Greenhouse effect:- 

This method can be beneficial when it comes to maintaining low porosity hair. Moisture your hairs, As you do. Generally, after that, cover the head with a shower cap. The heat from the cap will make you warm. Opening of cuticles will be the result.

Clarifying hairs:- 

Try to clarify your hairs once a week, or else your strands of the hair may face product buildup. In this case, moisturization will not be easy. Choose the right clarifying shampoo from the market.

Conditioning your hairs with heat:- 

Deep conditioning is vital for the maintenance of hair. Try to keep the conditioners for at least 12 minutes. It will be suitable for the penetration process.

Hair washes:- 

Wash your hairs at least three times a weak so that it would be clean. Try to wash with lukewarm water as it is suitable for cuticles of the hair.

Good shampoo:- 

Don’t use the local shampoo. Try using the good quality shampoo with a user manual. First of all, Whenever you buy a shampoo, first check its ingredients.

Cover your hair:- 

Always cover your hair while travelling or use the satin pillowcase. Covering your hair will protect you from the outside dirt and hair fall.


Maintaining hair nowadays has become an essential part of our life. Many people may lose the hair if they don’t take care of it. In this post, you will be introduced to the porosity of the hair and then its type.

We have also provided tips for low porosity hair—information about the low-porosity hair and even how to grow tips that are also explained here.

Some other caring tips for low-porosity hairs are also mentioned. Thanks for reading.

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