You Know About How To Mess Up A DNA Swab Test?

Getting the DNA test today is much easier and more cost-effective than it was a few years ago. You just have to buy the test, Give your sample, And let the lab send you every bit of details about your ancestor. But as much easy as the process has got, It’s still no walk in the park.

New Thoughts About How To Mess Up A DNA Swab Test?

In this article, I’ll share with you how to mess up a DNA swab test. If you follow the things in this article, Your test sample will become contaminated and your result will not be accurate. So don’t make the mistake and read this article carefully.

1) Your Diet

You must not eat or drink anything before testing yourself. Have a time frame of 1 hour that you don’t consume anything. Usually, food does not change your DNA. But it could make it harder to understand. But, The labs will understand this and will ask for a re-sample. This will waste a lot of time, And can be avoided just by refraining from eating anything one hour prior to testing.

2) Type of Test

After the trend of an ancestry DNA test, A lot of people came to understand that a DNA test is done through spitting. But that’s not the case for every test. A paternity test is done by Swabbing Cheek Cells, Because they have much denser DNA genes, And are of high quality. So, If you are doing a DNA test check beforehand whether it’s a Spitting test or Swabbing Cheek Cells.

3) Medical Reason

Medical reasons also can play a role in your messing up DNA. For example, If a person has a blood transfusion or bone marrow transplant, Their DNA could have been changed. Because in this case, They are using someone else’s DNA. And this could alter the result in a different direction. So before the test, Keep all the medical reasons on the table and consult a doctor.

4) Not properly mailing

Another less common reason, Is the messing up of the packaging and envelope. As the test is wet, And if you just send the tests through a simple paper, The test could mess up and the envelope can even be torn. It is always good to send the package with the proper instruction mentioned in the DNA testing kit. And make sure that the package is closed completely. Also, read carefully all the instructions on the swab test.

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