Top Reasons for sudden weight loss

Reasons for sudden weight loss

Losing weight is in trend these days. The more linear your looks are, the more fit you are perceived in this world. However, losing weight is not always in your best interest, especially when it is an unwanted weight loss, it is a worrisome thing. Before we look into the reasons for sudden weight loss, let us understand how our body loses weight and in what form.

There are two types of fat in our body – the good fat and the bad fat. Good fat includes two types of fat called monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat. Good fat is good for our body, heart, and cholesterol. This fat lowers our cholesterol levels and also lowers the risk of heart diseases.

Bad fat, on the other hand, includes trans-fat. Trans-fat comes in our body through certain types of unhealthy food such as processed food, junk food, and oily food. It increases our body fat. This results in the accumulation of a lot of flesh under our skin. This is not good for us and our health. With trans-fat comes in the danger of heart stroke, blood pressure, hypertension, higher cholesterol level and more.

Let us have a look at different reasons for sudden weight loss.

Reasons for losing weight

Losing bad fat is good for our health to such an extent that we should always look forward to losing bad fat. When we exercise, diet, walk, jog, avoid taking the junk and unhealthy food or follow any other health tips, we are targeting bad fat in our body. But, if we are losing good fat, then there is something to worry about. So, if you have had a sudden weight loss and have not been following any health tips to reduce bad fat, chances are high you are losing the good fat. Reasons can be one or many of the following –

  1. Depression

Depression usually results in mood fluctuations, saddened feeling and a loss of interest in daily routine life. In such cases, eating habits change drastically. The diet either increases multi-fold or decreases in the same manner. Loss of weight is quite common when a person feels depressed. A major weight difference is visible in 2 to 6 months based on the severity of depression.

  1. Thyroid

Thyroid problem is quite common these days. This problem results either in very low or in very high functioning of the thyroid glands. The thyroid is an essential organ of our body which plays an important role in balancing hormones which maintain our metabolism. With this problem, the chances of gaining or losing weight rapidly are high.

  1. Diabetes

In this disease, there are two variants – in one condition our body sugar i.e. glucose level shoots up. In the other condition, our pancreas either stops producing insulin or produce it in a very low amount. When insulin level is low, the body is not able to get glucose from the blood into the body’s cells for energy. The body then starts to burn the body fat to gain energy, and in turn, results in rapid weight loss.

  1. Change in Diet or location

When we start eating differently or change our location to a different place where the food is not as per our taste then also we tend to lose weight. This is a common reason for losing weight for those who have changed their location or food habits recently.

  1. Alcohol and Drugs intake

If one gets addicted to alcohol or some form of drugs then the impact is directly visible on their weight. These addictions kill hunger cells and make the body weaker from within. Weight loss in such a case is reversible once the addiction is cured.

  1. Addison’s disease

Addison’s disease, also known as adrenal insufficiency, is a very rare form of the disease and only 1% of people have suffered from this. Adrenal insufficiency occurs when the immune system does not work properly. Symptoms for this disease are fatigue, weakness, low blood pressure, craving for salt among others. This disease also results in a visible weight loss in a short duration.

  1. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is also amongst those diseases which result in unexplained weight loss. In tuberculosis, the lungs get affected and result in symptoms such as prolonged coughing, chills, fevers, blood cough and fatigue among others.

  1. Cancer

Cancer occurs when a tumor grows in a part of the body. In this state, the body starts getting weaker and results in a big weight loss. A weight loss of 10 pounds or more is a symptom and if you see it happening, you should get yourself checked immediately.

  1. Congestive Heart failure

When a proper amount of food does not reach our heart, then heart’s functionality gets disrupted. It is not able to pump blood properly and results in congestive heart failure. Symptoms of this disease include shortness of breath, fatigue, faster heart rate among others. In such a case the body starts shedding weight at an abnormal rate.

  1. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

In easy words, COPD occurs when we feel problems in breathing. The main cause includes some hindrances in the airways towards the lungs, damages in the air pathways, etc. Damaged lungs cause a lot of fat burns and results in a very quick weight loss.

What to do when facing sudden weight loss?

We looked into the different reasons for weight loss. As long as you’re working hard to lose weight and then losing weight accordingly, it is all good but if it is a sudden weight loss you are dealing with, then there are high chances of something going wrong in your body. Such cases call for a piece of immediate medical advice from a doctor and it is best you go and see one immediately. Even if you see some measurable change in your weight, it is better to pay proper attention to it and get the required treatment, if needed. At last, you can feel free to visit our best meditation techniques post so far.


Health is a very important factor for living a happy and sound life. Medical issues bring along a lot of problems with them. A person’s weight tells fairly about his or her lifestyle and health condition. A sudden weight loss should never be neglected and measures should be taken to remedy the same.

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