Top 6 Yoga exercises that can help in reducing your breast size

A body looks great when every part of the body is in perfect shape. A well-shaped body brings in a lot of confidence with it and the same is exhibited by the person who owns such a body. However, not everyone possesses a well-toned body and hence they look forward to getting the desired shape. If you find your breast size bigger than what you want or if you want to get your breasts in proper well-toned shape, you have a lot of exercise options at your disposal. But, among all the available exercise options, yoga stands out due to its miscellaneous benefits.

Benefits of Yoga – The evergreen exercising technique

Yoga has been there since ancient times and will be there forever for a very simple reason that it is effective. Yoga is a combination of several physical exercises and controlled breathing. While the exercises take care of the different parts of your body, breathing techniques help you keep your mental health to the apex.

The 6 important Yoga exercises for getting a reduced breast size

When it comes to controlling the breast size, there are several yoga exercises which can help you achieve control the breast size. Let us have a look at the different yoga techniques for the same and how to do them properly-

  1. Performing Surya Namaskar – The devotional yoga asana

Surya Namaskar, also known as sun salutation, is one of the most popular yoga exercises, which helps you reap multiple benefits. To perform this exercise –

  • Start by standing straight with legs joined and keep your hands in prayer or Namaskar position.
  • Then start bending back to the maximum extent you can and while keeping your hands joined in the same way, stretch them above your head.
  • Next, keep your legs in standing position and bend your body from the abdomen and try to touch your feet while keeping your legs straight.
  • Then sit in running instance by stretching your left leg backward and keeping both your hands on the ground. Stretch your upper portion backward while looking upwards.
  • Next make a mountain pose, by keeping both your hands and feet on the ground and lifting your hips upward. Keep your face downwards.
  • Now, lower your body to form a smaller mountain and then finally bring your hips to the ground and try to bend your upper portion upwards.
  • Repeat the above steps in reverse step to get back to the standing pose.

Keep breathing deeply in every posture of this exercise. This yoga exercise is one of the toughest exercises but most effective of all. It helps in reducing fat from various body parts, including the breasts. The best time to do this yoga asana is early in the morning along with the sunrise.

  1. Headstand (Shirsh asana) – Flipping upside down

This asana requires you to invert your standing style by standing on your hands and keeping your legs up. This is another difficult exercise, to begin with, but once mastered, it gives a lot of self-belief and several health benefits. This exercise helps in the reduction of breast size by providing stiffer and toned breasts. To perform this yoga technique –

  • Form a mountain with your hips lifted upwards and legs and hands touching the ground. You can interlock your arms if that is more comfortable. If you are a beginner, be close to a wall, with your hands towards the wall and legs away from it. You should keep your head and hands touching the ground.
  • Lift your legs to the top by putting the body pressure on the hands but do not force anything. Let it happen naturally. If doing for the first time, take help from someone in performing this exercise.
  • Keep in this position for a couple of minutes while breathing deeply in and out and then slowly come back to the normal instance.

For beginners; perform this asana in the presence of someone physically strong who can help you get in the correct postures.

  1. Push the wall – to tone your body and your breasts

Pushing the walls helps in putting pressure on the chest muscles and therefore helps in reducing the breast size in the longer run. To perform this exercise, push the wall with all your strength by keeping your hands at 90 degrees to the wall.

  1. Namaskar asana – The penguin pose yoga technique

Namaskar asana is one of the easiest asanas and is also known as the reverse prayer pose asana because of its posture. In this asana, you need to sit straight and join your hands in the prayer pose. But instead of joining hands in the front, you need to take your hands to your back and try and join them there keeping the fingertips pointing upwards. This yoga exercise works on the sides of your breast and reduces the excess fat from there.

  1. Tad asana – Form a tree for a reduced size

In Tadasana, you need to pose as a palm tree by standing straight and pulling your hands upwards while joining the fingers of both hands. You need to be in this position for a minute, breathing deeply and trying to stretch your hands to the maximum possible extent without putting too much stress. This asana is a very important asana which will help in the reduction of the breast size.

  1. Seated forward bending – the asana that leads to fat reduction

This yoga exercise work on compressing your breast through exercise and when mixed with deep breathing has an influential impact on reducing the extra fat around your breast to give your breasts a well-toned shape. To perform this exercise, sit on the ground with your legs stretched forward and joined together. Then bent forward gradually taking your arms towards your feet and then touch the tip of your feet fingers. Keep taking deep breaths to support this exercise.


All these yoga exercises can be done alone or in combination depending upon the time you want to spend performing yoga. If done for 30 minutes, these exercises will surely give you the desired results, not only in the form of a reduced breast size but also in the form of a well-toned and a healthier body every day.

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