To Learn How to pop a rib back in place


Dislocation of the ribs may cause you so many problems. Ribs are an essential part when it comes to physical health maintenance. Wrong positioning of ribs can cause you severe pain in your chest. It will also not let you focus on work. Hence popping your back to its place is very necessary.

When your ribs are not in their right place, you may also face slipping rib syndrome. There is cartilage present on the lower rib of the person. When this cartilage is slipped, you may get this syndrome because of which ribs dislocate.

Symptoms of the problem:-

1) You may feel severe pain in the chest and sometimes near the abdomen of the person.

2) You will start to get the sensations like popping and slipping.

3) In some cases, You will feel that you are not breathing properly. While doing physical activities, you will go breathless.

4) Bruising and swelling.

5) Intense pain while bending, Lifting things, Sneezing, and coughing.

6) There are two types of pain they are


It states that the person has pain on one side of the rib cage.


It sounds that the person is having pain on both the side of the rib cage.

How to Popping the rib back in place?

There are many exercises available on the internet that will help you relocate the ribs, but you have to go through a test when the matter is serious. A doctor will recommend you the test named hooking maneuver to see where and how the problem has come.

The doctor will look at the results and treat you accordingly. When the matter is serious doctor may go through the surgeries. Still, in usual conditions, ribs may automatically heal. You need to take some precautions and do exercise daily.

Proper exercise to pop back rib:- 

1) You can do a little warm-up by rotating your hands.

2) Fold both hands so that your palm should come near the shoulder.

3) After that, try touching both the elbows to each other from the backside.

4) Hold this position for 10-15 seconds and then relax.

5) Repeat this step 3-4 times.

6) Try to do this exercise at least three times daily

Time to recover

The recovery rate of the ribs depends on how severe the problem is. On average, the ribs should take nearly one month to recover and come to their normal position, but recovery might be prolonged when you are old.

People with a young age will recover fast as compared to the old ones.


In this post, we have discussed rib dislocation and shared with you the causes of it. Some important exercises regarding the ribs that also discussed here. So that you can make your recovery fast, symptoms give you the signal about the dislocation. Just make sure of it.

Problems may be severe; hence you should always consult a doctor before doing anything on your own. I hope we have answered all your questions. Thanks for reading the article. Stay healthy and happy.

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