Tips To Mastering How To Attract Mason Bees?

Mason bees are amazing non-aggressive bees for your garden. They are very good at putting pollinate. Masons bees are very rare aggressors that means they won’t sting you. If you are looking to enhance your garden, These mason bees will be a very pleasant guest. It is not only important to attract bees, But also to make them stay by keeping them happy.

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Ideas For You To Explore With How To Attract Mason Bees?

To make them come to your garden you need to make a few arrangements. This includes building a nest, getting the right flowers, and the important mud. If you get this thing in the order you will attract a lot of mason bees.

1) The Nest

The first step to attract mason bees is to create a proper nest. You can purchase the raw material from the hardware stores, This includes woodblock, straws, nails, etc. Now, carve the woodblock into a nest. And use the straws for the mason bees. If you don’t have carpeting skills, You can get a pre-made bee nest from a bee store. The only difference here is that; You could customize the bee nest according to your need. And in the pre-made, you get the standard version of the bee nest.

2) Location

Location is a very important factor to attract the mason bees. The mason bees love the warmth and if you keep them somewhere that they don’t feel warmth, Then they will just leave. But you also have to make sure that the nest house is also protected from the rain and wind. If you have a tree in your garden it could be an ideal place to establish the bee nest. Other good places could be too near your flowers. Also, Keep in mind that you should hang the bee nest at least 3-4 feet high.

3) Flowers

Flowers are quintessential for attracting mason bees. They are the only reason bees even stay someplace. Now, You need to consider only one thing, That whatever flower you plant, It should blossom 12 months a year. If you check this mark, Then you can enjoy mason bees in your garden. When choosing flowers look for a composite flower that has open petals. Don’t plant flowers away from each other, But do it like a  bouquet, Where bees don’t have to travel a lot and can jump from one flower to another. Don’t use pesticides on your flowers, Keep them natural this will make mason bees enjoy your garden.

4) Creating a Mud

Another important aspect of attracting mason bees is to create clay mud. Mason bees need muds in order to create their homes in the bee nest. The bees will have to do a lot of hard work to get mud from the ground to their nest, For this reason, Make sure it is near the nest. Keep your mud hole moist throughout the year, And keep watering it. If you never have made mud holes, You can buy equipment such as gloves and digging material to help yourself with the process.

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