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Things To Know About How To Quit Smoking Weed - NewsDozens
Things To Know About How To Quit Smoking Weed

Things To Know About How To Quit Smoking Weed

Things You Should Know About How To Quit Smoking Weed?

Hey if you are reading this post that it means you are ready to give up on weed. Reading this post will be the first step to your happiness.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest tasks ever as per the survey taken by the World Health Organization(WHO). People of the United States are very prone to marijuana users. Smoking marijuana and cannabis have many ill effects on mental health as well as physical health.

It may give you pleasure for some time but it will also trigger negative emotions in a long term. Whenever you will feel depressed your brain will demand weed. If weed is not provided then your anxiety and depression might get increased due to marijuana addiction.

The brain of a person who smokes weed is attracted to the pleasure that person gets from weed, rather than the weed itself. Smoking may lead to thinking disorder, faster heartbeats. You may also get trouble while remembering things and also lose appetite.

There are many laws in different countries if you smoke weed, but still many countries practice it illegally. America and Mexico were at the peak when it comes to weed. It is substance abuse material used to break the legal rules of the government.

Can you quit smoking weed or marijuana?

1) Yes, you can stop smoking weed also in some weeks or months it is up to your will power to control.

2) If your willpower is strong you can even quit in a day.

3) There are many treatment programs and also some courses to quit smoking or you can also go to the addiction treatment that is provided by doctors or camps.

Doctors will treat you with medication.

4) In many countries camps are run for quitting smoking. These camps give you medicines and also let you focus on health they have a fixed amount of duration.

5) Quitting may cause you sadness when you get cravings sometimes you will face night sweats.

Steps to quit: –

1) Let your family members know about it: –

Tell them that you have made the plan to quit weed. Family members will also help you to increase your willpower.

2) Be mentally prepared that this time you are going to quit: –

When you have decided to give up on weed just motivate yourself to do it.

3) Pin the date till when you have to quit the weed: –

Mark the date on the calendar or set the reminder in your mobile up to when you are quitting.

4) Take a note of weed: –

Write the amount of weed or marijuana you smoke for e.g you smoke 3 gm of weed take a note of that.

5) Cut down: –

Try to decrease it day by day maybe 0.5 gm.

6) Be patient: –

Whenever you will get a craving you will have to be patient and distract your mind with some other things that make you feel happy.

7) Help Yourself: –

Train your brain for promoting things that stopping smoking marijuana. Like you can read the books about it or any other motivational books.

8) Distract your mind: –

Try spending time with the person you feel happy at the peak time of smoking. That Person maybe a girlfriend or boyfriend. Meeting your favorite person will make your brain feel pleasure hence you will get very less cravings at that time.

Symptoms you get while cannabis withdrawal or marijuana withdrawal:-

While you are continuing the journey of quitting the weed you are going to feel some symptoms that might make you feel uncomfortable you make go through

1) Uncomfortable state of mind: – you will get angry sometimes because of no smoke as your brain find happiness in smoke.

2) Nausea: – You will feel sick and sometimes you may feel like vomiting.

3) Cravings: – Cravings that make you feel sad.

4) Restlessness: – You will feel that your body is not getting proper rest.

5) Sleeping issue: – Difficult to get sleep at night.

6) Physical symptoms: – body pain sometimes.

7) Appetite: – problem with appetite.

How you can quit smoking quickly or you can say cold turkey method: –

When you want to quit smoking cold turkey is the best method. Cold turkey means to stop particular things right away. It is said that a person who stops smoking cold turkey won’t start re smoking as compared to the ones who quit smoking on certain patterns.

Cold turkey is not only preferred to quit smoking weed. But also to avoid alcohol or cigarettes. Quitting smoking cold turkey will let you feel anxious, angry, disturbed for some days but when you get used to it you will be happy in the end.

Marijuana detox technique information: –

When you start smoking weed, it would give immediate feelings. but there are some substance remains which are known as cannabinoids. It can be found in urine, saliva, blood, nails. Tests are carried by doctors to look at cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC.

Generally, urine is tested as testing urine is easier rather than testing blood or saliva. This test looks for the particle known as TCH-COOH which is stored in fat. This substance is cleared with the help of different types of chewing gums, tablets, syrups.

Basically, this test is done and the amount of substance is calculated and then medications are given accordingly to clean that.

Summary: –

In this post, we have shared with you the top working tips for how to quit smoking weed. We have also shared the detox technique and cold turkey methods to quit weed. Hope this post has helped you a little bit in your golden journey. Stay healthy and happy. Stay connected 🙂

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