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Things About Labiaplasty Before And After - NewsDozens
Things About Labiaplasty Before And After

Things About Labiaplasty Before And After

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Labiaplasty Before And After

Introduction to Labiaplasty: –

It’s a vaginal rejuvenation procedure that is done to give a new shape to the labia minora. The numbers of Labiaplasty is increasing since late 2015 according to the ASPS(American Society of plastic surgery). If a woman is having longer labia than the ordinary one, then this surgery is performed.

Why it is done?

There are many reasons for this. For e.g. there may be a cosmetic reason for doing this surgery. Another reason is that a woman having longer labia may face difficulty in performing activities like cycling, swimming, or any other physical activity.

Goal of labiaplasty

The main reason is to reduce the size of labia minora by performing surgery so that labia majora won’t cause any problem. A perfect shape is given to the vagina using this surgery. You can also say as plastic surgery of labia.

Cost of Labiaplasty

An average Labiaplasty will cost you somewhere around $3000. There is a fact that the price depends on doctors and hospitals. In America, if you want to perform this surgery you will have to pay around $3000.

How Labiaplasty is performed?

Labiaplasty surgical procedures are done using the trim method with procedures including anesthesia. Tissue that is extra is cut down. The clitoral hood which has extra folds is also removed simultaneously. Which results in never shape to Minora.

Risk of Labiaplasty

There is not any major risk of labiaplasty. but then some women may face scars at their vaginal opening, bleeding, and make you feel uncomfortable during intercourse. Be sure to do your surgery under a board-certified plastic surgeon.

Things to take care of after surgery

1) cleanliness: – You should maintain proper cleanliness around you so that you may not face the infection problem

2) Avoid sex: – You should avoid sex for at least 1 month after the surgery till the time you don’t feel comfortable. Sex will increase the pain in your vulval.

3) Wear loose garments: – Try to wear loose undergarments hence cloth won’t touch your vagina and you not feel any pain.

4) Say no to physical activities: – You should not do physical activities for at least 5 weeks or more if you need more rest. As physical activities will make your healing time longer.

5) Sanitary towels: – Don’t use the normal towel. Use a sanitary towel which will let you be infection-free.

6) Don’t lift heavy:- Avoid lifting heavy materials till the time you don’t completely get healed.

7) Weight loss:- Some women may face little weight while recovering.

Side effects of Labiaplasty

Women experience bruising, soreness, and swelling for 2-3 weeks which are the most common effect of Labiaplasty. You do not feel comfortable while doing activities like peeing. Doctors will be providing you the pain killers to relieve you from the pain.

NHS not allowed

Labiaplasty is not done to people with NHS. There are some certain reasons in which NHS is allowed for Labiaplasty. If a woman having an irregular shape of vaginal lips or to remove the cancer tissue which may lead to vaginal cancer.

Recovering from Labiaplasty

A normal woman after Labiaplasty can recover in 14 days but in some cases, it should go up to 2 months but these types of cases are very rare.


Labiaplasty is a reshaping of your inner lips of the vagina. Many people don’t have the exact knowledge of the vagina hence in this post we have given all the answers to the questions related to Labiaplasty.

We have provided you the whole information from the introduction to the recovery from this surgery and also covered the risk factors. Thanks for reading have a good day:-)

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