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The various health benefits of Buttermilk including weight loss - NewsDozens

The various health benefits of Buttermilk including weight loss

 You Probably Didn’t Know About Buttermilk For Weight Loss

Losing weight is a dream that many people possess these days and this is the reason why different weight loss techniques are available at our disposal. But, can a sour yet tasty drink called buttermilk be a weight loss option? The answer is yes and is backed by various reasons so let us look into the facts about buttermilk and try to understand what it can do and what it can’t.

What is buttermilk and where is the butter in it?

The name buttermilk would suggest many that it is a drink that contains milk and butter. But, the fact is that buttermilk is free from butter and it is the outcome of the process in which the cream processed to form butter. When the cream obtained from the milk is shaken vigorously, it results in two products. The first product is the main outcome and is called butter whereas the liquid that is left over in this process is the second outcome and is called buttermilk. So, butter and buttermilk are two separate outcomes of the same process and buttermilk does not contain butter.

What beneficial ingredients does buttermilk have?

Now that we clearly understand how the formation process of buttermilk, it is important to understand what it contains which makes it so special. Buttermilk contains a variety of ingredients which include vitamins and calcium as the most beneficial components. In addition to them, it contains proteins, carbohydrates, and good bacteria. These ingredients have different health benefits for our body which are as below.

Health benefits of consuming a glass filled with buttermilk

  • Fat and calories are the main enemies of a person looking to lose weight. The good news that buttermilk brings on the table is that it is very tasty and at the same time very low in fat and calories. So, you can easily replace those high-calorie drinks from your refrigerator with this great drink.
  • A lactic acid bacterium is a body-friendly bacterium or good bacteria. The delicious buttermilk contains these good bacteria and helps you in building a great immune system. It is a very good complement-drink for the inclusion of your diet plan.
  • Buttermilk is made from milk and we all know that milk has calcium and so buttermilk also has this vital ingredient. Including buttermilk in your routine will help you have those strong bones you always wished for.
  • Proteins, carbohydrates, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B-12, and probiotics are all beneficial for health and you guessed it right; these all are present in buttermilk in optimum quantity.
  • The above list is not exhaustive as various other vitamins are good for your body’s nourishment and that is part of buttermilk’s ingredients list.

When and how much of buttermilk should you have?

Buttermilk is not a medicine and it can be a part of your regular diet. Having a glass of buttermilk daily can be good for your health and will keep you full of energy. However, having too much buttermilk after lunch makes you feel sleepy. It is the best drink to have in summer as it keeps our body hydrated and cools it up.

The Health benefits you ripe from a glass of buttermilk

Buttermilk not only has a great taste but is also rich in ingredients and has several health benefits-

  • Replacing your high fat and high-calorie cola drinks with low-fat buttermilk helps you reduce the daily calorie and fat intake.
  • The calcium it possesses helps your bones become stronger in the long run.
  • The digestion system improves as buttermilk plays its role in properly digesting the food you eat.
  • Your body’s defense mechanism against diseases becomes strong with the intake of lactic acid-rich buttermilk.
  • You get lots of vitamins and protein which are good for your overall health.
  • Buttermilk is not magic and it can’t do wonders alone
  • Buttermilk has several benefits that come in the form of the right quantity of fat, calories, vitamins, and protein. But, still, it is not a one-stop product for weight loss as you can not solely depend on buttermilk for a visible weight loss.

Have the right diet, and buttermilk to see the wonders

You need to complement the buttermilk with the right diet for it to work towards your expected weight. Include low fat and low-calorie food in your diet, and avoid taking junk food which is rich in trans-fat. Always remember, good food makes your body better and a better body leads to a happier life. You should stick to a normal glass of buttermilk daily and should avoid taking too much of it.

Exercise for a toned body; use buttermilk to enhance the effects

There is no supplement of exercising in this world; so if you are either looking for a weight loss or want to maintain that weight, you should exercise daily. Buttermilk can help boost your immunity and digestion power and hence can work as a booster for your exercises. Have a glass of buttermilk daily post your exercise and enjoy the great benefits that it brings to you.


Buttermilk is a source of many good for the body vitamins and calcium and has lower levels of fat and calories. It is a very tasty drink with a sour taste and is formed as a side product by churning milk’s cream to make butter. Buttermilk has various health benefits and can help in weight loss in the long run but not alone. It has to complement with a proper diet and regular exercise if you are looking for weight loss seriously. It cannot be treated as the main factor which can reduce your weight but it can be thought of as a booster for your balanced diet and exercise. You can enjoy this drink daily and reap the health benefits it provides. Summers are more pleasant with this drink as it cools down the body by giving relief from scorching heat and keeping you hydrated.

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