The Rise of Corona Virus


As a matter of fact, the pandemic virus across the globe is still spreading and teasing the people. Notably, number of deaths due to this threat counts over 10,000. Italy overtook China in number of deaths. Of course this is an ordinary virus but turned into an epidemic because of the negligence of people during the outbreak. Even from now, people should be responsible to take every precaution and everyone should be aware of this thing even the effect is low.

The Formation of Corona

formation of corono virus

How did the corona virus born?

how did the corono virus can born

Specifically the sources of this virus are sea animals of Wuhan city (China). A market where the seafood is illegally traded for the Chinese located near that Wuhan city. Animals like bats,  pangolins , rabbits etc  are being trafficked here. Moreover, Chinese experts are saying that Corona may first formed in bats and infected to humans through pangolins. But however , they aren’t to blame. THIS IS A SCOURGE. Humans are the reason.

You might be starred why these people trade those type of animals.
The answer is they are Chinese who eats almost all animals. Bear Grylls must be a kid in front of those people.

And also, they are many uses of bat’s flesh. It builds the body fit and develops the texture. It pretty costly and source of a great strength and nourishment.

Pangolins are the world’s most trafficked animals all the time. Their outer scale patches are used to make bullet-proof vests. And those scales are high in demand . Their flesh is sold as exotic nutriment and that is called bushmeat. Their scales and bones are used as protection from spiritual beliefs and witchcraft. This must be a natural revenge. However, let’s hope for peace asap.

WHO first came to know about a new virus in Wuhan city on the last day of 2019 ( 31st Dec). In fact, virus being contagious , it stared spreading from that day.

 Even I saw a bat flying on 19th March 7pm in Hyderabad. We don’t know how the virus being spread. It was said that corona virus might born in bats first. Even the guano of bats’ may spread the virus. It may fall on the your terrace or drying clothes. So, always be careful.

Symptoms of Corona Virus

( Remember , according to WHO,  Symptoms will get exposed after 5-6 days of being infected ) .

  1. People who feel feverish or sick as most of the positive cases noticed that it all started with the illness.
  2. Diarrhoea is also primary and most common in the cases which were tested positive for the virus.
  3. Dry cough is also major symptom in most of the positive cases.
  4. Being suffocated is seen in severe positive cases.

Precautions to avoid the spreading of virus.

  1. The basic thing is to washing hands frequently and coughing into your elbow. Hope you are following it .
  2. Always keep the bathroom clean.
  3. If you are working out at home due to closed gyms, then make sure to clear all the sweat. Take bath if you are working out.
  4. Better not to go out side and please never go for gatherings.

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