The effects and side effects of beer on your health

You Should Know About Beer Is Good Or Bad For Health?

Beer is the oldest and very popular drink among all the people of the world and beer is for health if consuming in adequate quantity. Alcohol quantity in beer is around 4-6%,

however, it can be up to 20%. Beer is of several types but three-four types of beer are more popular as they taste better than others and have low alcohol content.

Beer is as natural as other fresh fruit juices and it is healthier than packed juices available in the market because packet juices have preservatives in it but the hop is present in beer making which is a natural preservative, so it has no side effects.

Other than this beer has many other qualities that are helpful for health such as beer has vitamin B, it is full of folic acid, magnesium, and potassium and moreover, beer is low in calories which makes it more popular among the people.

Nowadays, people are using beer as a shampoo because it prevents hair fall and makes your hair shiny and thick.

So, many beer shampoos are available in the market which can be used to improve your hair health.

There are many places where the water is hard and we get constipation or some other diseases then, in that case, we can replace water with beer as beer is made after boiling and is hygienic to drink.

Types of Beer

Many types of beer are available in the market but there are three to four popular types of beer. Here we are discussing them:-


This type of beer is made of barley, it is very rich in color and is pretty popular among people. Ales fermented at low temperatures and are bitter; some other spices are also mixed in this beer to enhance its taste.


Langer is dark brown and bitter and Langer is refreshing, so people have this after their tiring schedule of the day. Storing Langer for two to three months at a very low temperature like freezing makes it taste better.

This type of beer is dark in color like dark brown or coffee color, it is slightly bitterer than the other two beers. Stout is a thick beer as it has hops in large quantity and that is why it is dark in color and thick. But people like it very much as after drinking they feel light and relaxed.

As you read about different types of beer here but by reading you can only differentiate between them. Until and unless you don’t taste them you cannot know their taste. So go to your nearest pub and taste them, then you can find your beer.

Benefits of beer for health

1) Beer helps in living a long life

Beer contains antioxidants in high quantities and helps us to purify our blood system by flushing out all the toxins out of the body. Usually, Beer is full of fiber that also keeps our body healthy and also it freshens up our mind. So, we can consume a pint of beer daily.

2) Beer is as natural as other fruit juices

People think that beer is not natural as they don’t know the making process of beer. Beer is better than preservative juices because it is very much natural and it does not contain any type of preservative. Its making process is very much natural. Barley, hops, water, and yeast are the ingredients used in beer making and barley and hops are two natural preservatives without any side effects.

3) Beer helps in improving cholesterol level

There are two types of cholesterol in our body, good and bad cholesterol and the good news is this beer does not contain any type of cholesterol. Beer improves cholesterol levels in our body. We can drink one pint of beer daily then it is good for our health and beer to enhance our beauty also.

4) Beer contains vitamin B

There are two types of beer one is filtered and the other is unfiltered. Unfiltered beer has vitamin B in large quantities, so if you are lacking in this vitamin then you should drink beer. Beer contains dissolvable fiber which is good for health as well as helps in losing weight. Beer also has folic acid in it and gives you energy.

5) Beer helps in flushing out toxins and fat from the body

Of course, Beer does not have carbohydrates or any type of preservative because the things by which beer is made are natural preservatives. Beer is full of fiber and antioxidants and it helps our body in flushing out all the toxins from our body.

6) Beer increases the magnesium and potassium level

Magnesium and potassium are found in the beer, so drinking beer increases their level in our body. If your body is lacking in magnesium and potassium then you should drink beer.

7) Beer can save us from cardiac arrest and keeps our heart healthy

As a matter of fact, Beer contains antioxidants in good quantity, so, if you are taking a pint of beer daily then you can save your heart from diseases. Beer also helps in purifying the blood and also accurately helps in blood circulation. But if you are taking beer in a high amount then it could be a reason for your cardiac arrest. So, you should drink beer in an adequate amount.

8) Beer can save from cancer

There is a plant named Hops which is used in the making of drugs for cancer patients and the plant Hops helps in curing cancer. This plant Hop is using in preparation for beer, nowadays, beer comes which has a high amount of Hops in it. Beer also is low in carbohydrates and calories which also good for our health and heart.

9) Beer prevents kidney stones

Research says that beer prevents kidney stones, the fact behind this is still a secret but if a person is suffering from kidney stone then he or she should drink beer. If no stone is there in your body even then the beer can be useful as it prevents stones in the body.

10) Beer makes bones strong

If you are drinking one or two pints of beer daily then it can prove helpful in making your bones strong and powerful as silicon is present in beer and it helps make bones strong. Beer saves your bones from fractures. But, it has side effects too; if you are drinking beer excessively like 4-5 pint of beer daily then the effects can be just vice versa. Beer can make your bones week and it can also be the cause of the fracture. So, drink beer wisely.

11) Beer is considered safer than water

Sometimes we go to some places where water is not drinkable or we are not allowed to drink the water of those places because that water will not suit us, that time beer is safer than water. We can replace beer to water for those days and can drink it without tension because beer is made after boiling.

Side effects of beer

1) Can affect blood pressure level

If you are blood pressure patient and you are drinking 4-5 beer every day then it can high your blood pressure level and even lead to the sickness of heart. So, it is better if you drink beer under control, one or a maximum of two beers is enough for the day.

2) More beer can affect motor skills and nerves system

If you are thinking that there is no alcohol in beer, then you are getting it wrong. More than three beers can bring you down with hangover as it hits on the nerves system slowly but yes you could get a hangover. Also, it affects your motor skills so, sometimes it hard to stand properly because of alcohol. So if you are drinking beer away from home then you should aware while drinking this.

3) Can make a deadly combination with some medicines

If you are taking medicines like antibiotics or any other medicines, consult with your doctor before drinking beer, sometimes, the beer and the medication salt do not mix and result in dizziness, vomiting or can lead to a serious sickness. So, it is important to consult with the doctor before drinking beer.


Mostly on weekends or holidays, people are in the party mood, and they want to chill out with some chilled beer. It is not bad to enjoy the weekends with chilled beer but there should be limits. As everyone knows everything is good if consumed in adequate quantity, so, two-three beers are harmless but having more than 4 beers can get some troubles for you. Mainly beer has 4-6% of alcohol content in it; some beer is having up to 20% alcohol.

If we read the whole article then we will find that the beer is good for health and side effects occur only when you are misusing the beer by consuming in large quantities. As discussed earlier, beer contains hops that have marvelous effects on health and are also used for cancer-curing drugs. Nowadays beer present in the market which are having hops in large quantity. Enjoy your weekend with chilled beer.

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