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The complete information about abortion in three weeks of pregnancy - NewsDozens

The complete information about abortion in three weeks of pregnancy

All You Need To Know About Abortion In Three Weeks Of Pregnancy

In the third week of pregnancy, a change you can see in the women’s body is that the third-week fetus size is very small like a tiny ball. It is an important part of pregnancy as the egg is about to come completely outside from the ovary. In the second week of pregnancy, eggs are inside the ovary. In the third week of pregnancy by sonography doctor can diagnose how many fertile eggs are there means how many kids you are having? Moreover, In the second week of pregnancy, eggs come outside the ovary and in the third week of pregnancy eggs transferred in the uterus through the way of the fallopian tube. If the uterus is not strong enough to carry the fetus then bleeding starts and pregnancy ends, this is called miscarriage.

In other cases, if women don’t want pregnancy then they can take doctor’s help to remove the fetus or in other words they can go for abortion. In a maximum of 4 months, it is important to abort if you want to abort after that it’s impossible to end the pregnancy. If a fetus is mature and is 4 months old then the surgical method is better for abortion. But, if a fetus is not mature and it is only 4-8 weeks old then by medicines abortion is possible. There are two types of medicine which usually taken for abortion mifepristone and misoprostol, these medicines can easily abort in early pregnancy; chances of failure are very less. Abortion does not mean to lose the ability to conceive again, but yes abortion methods should be safe and hygienic otherwise it may impact the uterus and that will because of infertility. So, it is important to take the doctor’s guidance to avoid any complications. Moreover, read out this chances of pregnancy article and possible chance to get pregnant in 2 days after period article if you needed.

Abortion- what it means and what is the process to follow to get it done?

If the pregnancy ends on its own due to some reasons then it is a miscarriage and if women want to end her pregnancy by her own choice then it is an abortion. Abortions are normally done in hospitals by doctors or in other health care institutions. Normally, women use abortion medicine named mifepristone, this medicine stops pregnancy from growing as it stops the hormone called progesterone from working.

First, you have to take mifepristone and then after 2 days there is a medicine named misoprostol, you have to eat that. Misoprostol starts bleeding to empty the uterus and you feel like cramps for days. It is like you are having heavy periods, the periods have small blood tissues in it, very heavy blood flow, and you have to use 2 sanitary pads in one hour. In starting flow is heavy then it becomes normal and bleeding goes on around 15 -20 days until your uterus is not fully empty. If your bleeding is not starting within 24 hours after taking misoprostol, then you should visit to doctor. See also how long take become pregnant after sexual intercourse article and the causes of low AMH levels article so far.

There are two types of abortion:

1) Medical abortion

In this type of abortion, mifepristone, and misoprostol are giving to end the pregnancy. Within 3 days you start bleeding and your uterus will be empty. Medical abortion can only be done when you are at the early stage of your pregnancy like 4-6 weeks; if the fetus is big then it might be possible that medical abortion did not work.

2) Surgical abortion

When the fetus is big enough and abortion is not possible with medicines then the surgical method comes into the picture. In the surgical abortion, a woman has to undergo a small surgery to remove the fetus. The doctor performs this surgery in which he removes the womb lining. In this surgery two procedures are present:

MVA (manual vacuum aspiration)

This type of abortion is manual and requires some handheld surgical tools. Doctors usually use suction surgical tools to empty the uterus. This type of abortion is available in the first trimester of pregnancy up to 12 weeks.

D and E (dilation and evacuation)

D&E abortion is available from 3 weeks of pregnancy up to 20 weeks of pregnancy. This is a small surgery in which the doctor injects the area around the cervix with medicines for making in numb then the doctor opens the cervix with surgical tools. And then the doctor inserts the tube through the cervix into the uterus, then suction pump attached with the tube emptied the uterus. The success rate of surgical abortion is 100%.

Side effects of abortion

  1. Heavy blood flow with cramps – After an abortion, you will face heavy bleeding with blood clots in it. Cramps will be there in the stomach and back, it lasts for 2 to 3 weeks of the abortion.
  2. Swallowing of the breast – you may feel pain or swelling in the breast and sensitive nipples as the hormones began to change when you got pregnant. Sometimes some sticky water may come out from nipples and you can feel pain.
  3. Mood swings because of hormone – you can feel mood swings because of hormonal changes or you are not feeling well. Sometimes both can be the reasons for mood swings – emotional and physical sickness. If the partner is supportive then recovery will be speedy.
  4. Likely to catch infection soon – As the cervix will take time to close, you may catch infection soon. To avoid infection you should not use tampons at that time, avoid sex and don’t sit for long hours for 2 weeks.

Tips for taking care after abortion –

Applying a heating pad on your stomach will relieve you from cramps. You should sit in hot water having some betadine (medicine) in it; it will give so much relief to your vagina and uterus. You should do this twice a day for quick relief.

Complete the medical course suggested by the doctor and do visit for check-ups as prescribed by the doctor so that it could diagnose that your uterus is healing or not?

Avoid sitting for many hours in the starting days of abortion, it may cause abnormal bleeding and cramps.

Hence, abortion is completely safe and it is not like losing the ability to conceive in the future but the process should be completely safe under the doctor’s guidance. We should try to using precautions while sex to avoid these types of complications.

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