The causes of low AMH levels and the chances of natural pregnancy with it

To learn the causes of low AMH levels and natural pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very important part of a woman’s life as it is a process in which she forms another life from within her. But, we are living in an era where pregnancy linked problems are mushrooming every day in different forms. Women are facing infertility problems more frequently than ever and these problems are due to many reasons which include today’s diet pattern, lifestyle, and some medical issues. Low AMH level is another major concern these days which makes natural pregnancy difficult. Let us understand what is AMH and why is it important for pregnancy-

AMH (Anti Mullerian Hormone) – What is it and why is it important?

AMH is a protein hormone and it is produced inside the ovarian follicles of a woman with the help of some special cells. AMH level is an indicator of how many eggs are present inside the ovary of a woman and hence determine the chances of pregnancy. The amount of eggs present inside the ovary is an indicator of how fertile a woman is and based on the level of AMH, once can perceive whether it is easier or difficult for a woman to conceive.

Conducting AMH tests to check fertility level in a woman

When you are looking to get pregnant, various factors need to favor your body to make you pregnant. Pregnancy is not just about having sexual intercourse; it has more to do with the health and condition of the woman who is trying to conceive. When a woman tries to conceive and doesn’t succeed in getting pregnant, then she needs to go through several medical tests.

AMH test is an important test among the various tests, a doctor suggests. An AMH test is a blood test, conducted to check the AMH level in your body. To get this test done, you can reach your nearest pathology lab or a hospital on any day of your menstruation cycle as the AMH level remains the same throughout the menstruation cycle. Once the test is over, the report will indicate the correct AMH level in your body which you can share with your doctor for correct analysis. However, a generic description of the AMH level is as below.

Different AMH levels and their meaning

The AMH level in your body can be just fine, low or high and your reports will suggest that.

  • Lower and lower normal AMH level in your body ( less than 0.3 ng/ml to 0.6 ng/ml)

A low AMH level means the value of AMH in your body is lesser than 0.3 ng/ml. A range of 0.3 to 0.6 ng/ml is a lower normal range of AMH level. A lower level of AMH means, the ovary contains a lower number of eggs; it, however, does not mean that you cannot be pregnant if you have lower AMH levels.

  • Normal AMH level in your body ( 0.6 ng/ml to 0.9 ng/ml)

If your AMH level is in the range of 0.6 ng/ml to 0.9 ng/ml then it is normal. Normal AMH level means that your ovary has the right amount of eggs and your body does not have any AMH related irregularity.

  • Above normal AMH level in your body (above 1 ng/ml)

Above 1 ng/ml is above normal and above normal AMH means that the AMH level in your body is more than what is considered normal for your body. Your doctor will suggest appropriate ways and medicines for this.

  • High AMH level in your body (above 3 ng/ml)

However, if the AMH level in your body is more than 3 ng/ml then it is considered high and indicates chances of PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) in your body. In the case of higher AMH levels, you need to check with your doctor for treatment.

Different factors affecting AMH level in your body – knowing your body

Your body may have different AML level in different stages of your life because of various things-

  1. Age is an important factor that determines the level of AMH in your body. Up to the age of 30-35 the AMH level increases in your body but after that it starts decreasing. So, it is advisable to try to conceive at the right age.
  2. Stress is a big factor in reducing the chances of pregnancy as it impacts AMH levels among various other things.
  3. If you have faced hormonal problems in your medical history, you need to be extra careful in such cases.
  4. Deficiency of vitamins in your body, especially vitamin D, may lead to lower AMH levels.

Treatment for an improper level of AMH in your body

AMH level is an important factor when it comes to pregnancy and infertility problems. But, unfortunately, there is no treatment available for lower AMH levels in medicine. However, it is very much possible to get pregnant even with lower AMH levels, but you should take consultation with a doctor in such cases. A doctor would typically suggest you follow some health and lifestyle-related changes and will provide you with some vitamin supplements along with the advice to have more intercourse with your partner to get pregnant at the earliest. However, treatment in every case will vary and the doctor will know what is best suited for your body to help you get pregnant.


Pregnancy is not a one-day thing but a very long and complex process and several factors determine your body’s capacity to get pregnant. AMH level is one of the key factors which tell your fertility status. A lower or higher than normal AMH level may not be suitable for pregnancy and may require proper care and treatment. However, it should be very well understood that any AMH level does not mean that you cannot get pregnant; it just tells how fertile you are right now. So, it is better to get your AMH level tested and in case of a deviation from normal report consulting with a doctor is the best option. A stress-free life is a key to many problems in life and a stressful life may lead to lower AMH levels so live stress-free and enjoy getting pregnant.

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