The benefits of getting free online therapy for depression

Importance of  free online therapy for depression

If you are going through a phase of depression in your life, you likely need some help. Depression and anxiety can be very easy to handle with proper steps and care. However, without proper care, depression can become a monster disease and can have a severe impact on our health. Let us first have a look at the possible symptoms of depression-

Symptoms of depression

  • Depression is a prolonged feeling of sadness, anxiousness, and a feeling of detachment from the various pleasures of this world.
  • For a person dealing with depression, the world is not a place of happiness anymore.
  • A depression affected person tries to stay away from society and lives in his world for prolonged durations and as a result, starts feeling lonely and negative most of the time.
  • For this very reason, we advise to speak your heart out to someone either close to you or a professional if you are feeling depressed.

Different ways to tame the monster named depression

Offline methods

  • There are various offline methods available that can help in dealing with depression. Some of these methods are self-cure methods and have the best results in your situation.
  • These include self-motivation, yoga exercises, walking, and meditation among many other ways. Others involve engaging with others so that they can help you recover.
  • These people may be your family members, close friends or some professional counselors.
  • It is important to understand that opening up about your problems to others may not only help you immediately but may also give you a depression free life in the long run as well.

Online methods

  • The world is online and so everything in the world is getting online as well.
  • For those who are not comfortable with physically meeting a professional or does not want to share their feelings with friends and family, the online option is there.
  • In this digital era, online therapies for depression are getting more and more popular and people find it more comfortable in healing from the comfort of their homes.
  • Sometimes it is much easier to speak your heart out online than speaking in front of someone personally.

There are several online ways drafted for people suffering from depression and looking for a solution. These are as follows-

1) Online questionnaire
  • An online questionnaire is the first step that one usually takes when going through a feeling of depression.
  • There are several questionnaires present online which try to identify if you are under depression and also try to ascertain the level of depression you are in right now.
  • It is important to take up these questions seriously and provide the best applicable answers because these questions are available to diagnose your current mental state.
  • Once you provide all the answers, the results give show up and you come to know your current mental health status.
  • If the result suggests that you are in a state of depression, it is important to consider it with utmost seriousness and is the right time to start getting yourself out of this state.
2) Private professional therapist
  • Once you understand that you are dealing with depression or anxiety and want to get some solution online, you should consider consulting an online counselor for therapy.
  • There are several approved professional online therapists available to help you. You can register for their services online and they will contact you and will try to understand your problem.
  • They will help you with online sessions and help you to incorporate habits and lifestyle changes which will eventually result in a depression free life for you.
  • Since your treatment or consultation is online, you need to be very true to the counselors for them to be able to help you in the best possible way.
  • Some counselors may also provide a mixed service including both offline and online services; you may choose that if you feel more comfortable this way.
3) Chat sessions
  • Another popular way is to get you registered in a chat session. There are various free and next to free online chat sessions available online which can help you tackle the immediate need for help in depression. These have helpline numbers as well where you can call and discuss your problems.
  • There are many free and paid online services available to help you when you need it. But due to the online nature, there are scams also present and you need to be vigilant enough to recognize them.

Points to take care while taking online therapy for depression

Sharing Personal details is not good – keep them to yourself

  • Do not share your private details which can bring harm to you in the longer run.
  • You need help for depression and the one helping you should be more concerned about helping you than anything else about you.
  • Sharing personal details can make you be a victim of a scam without you even knowing it.

Beware of online scams – there are many out there

  • There are lots of scams around, so check the feedback of the service you are going to use.
  • It should not be trying to take all the money from your hands in the name of treatment.
  • Genuine service has a well-defined process and has nothing hidden or fishy.

Only go for registered professionals – don’t fall prey to novices

  • It seems to be an obvious thing but sometimes people don’t validate the professional’s registration and other important details.
  • It is better to ensure you are putting your faith in the right person before moving forward to take help.
  • You must seek help from only the professionals and companies properly registered and certified to carry out these services.

Seek offline help if needed – it is sometimes more important than online help

  • Though online is good and can help you in coming out of depression, sometimes you may need a personal touch as well to feel healed.
  • You can go for offline help as well if you start to feel that it is a better option.
  • After all, the most important thing is to get the right advice and the right treatment than anything else.
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