The 10 reasons one feels lonely and the 5 ways to deal with loneliness

We are living in a digital era that is filled with a variety of social platforms to cater to our social needs and so we are expected to be more social than ever. But the truth is something different, and it tells that despite hundreds of social networking platforms being available to us 24*7, a majority of us are alone in reality and are a victim of loneliness.

Why are we lonely when the earth is filled with billions of people like us?

Yes, we are billions in number and we are still increasing our count with every second. But, then why does this term loneliness exist and why are we alone despite being part of a big crowd? This question can not have a generalized answer because there are several reasons due to which one feels lonely, and a few prominent reasons can be described below.

10 main reasons why one feels lonely in this world filled with people

  1. Separation from a partner can put you in a shell and you can start feeling lonely and vulnerable.
  2. The sudden death of a close to heart relative or family member can be a cause of one’s loneliness.
  3. Moving to a new place is good, but sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make friends at a new place and this is where loneliness starts creeping in.
  4. A lost job may result in the reduction of your social circle and hence may increase the loneliness factor.
  5. Body shaming a person may lead to the person avoiding going out and meeting people and the person may start feeling lonely.
  6. Not finding likeminded people is another reason for a person to stop socializing.
  7. Some people are extreme introverts and find it hard to make friends and hence may suffer loneliness in the long run.
  8. Lack of proper communication skills also results in lower self-confidence and results in a lack of socialism.
  9. Language mismatch and cultural mismatch are other major factors when moving to a different country.
  10. Prolonged illness results in people getting cut off from their social circle and hence resulting in loneliness.

So, the reason for one’s loneliness can be any of the above or one’s specific reason. But the point is that loneliness exists in this world in abundance and people get caught by it and keep struggling to come out of it.

The realistic ways to deal with loneliness and looking forward

I said that the world is filled with loneliness in abundance, but the truth is that happiness and companionship are just a hand’s distance away from loneliness. Yes, you just need to move your hand forward in the right direction and you can get away from that feeling of loneliness. Let us see, how you can easily and realistically move from loneliness towards togetherness.

1) Oh, you are not the first one here! This place is already explored

The best thing about being a part of a huge race of humans is that all the traumas you are going through right now, have already been part of someone else’s life as well. And, you would be glad to hear that they were also feeling miserable like you are right now, but they eventually sailed through this situation with time and effort. So, being lonely is not a bad thing at all, it is just a phase of your life which is going to pass soon and hence you need to cheer up more in your life.

2) You can deal with anything – loneliness can just be another term for you

What you think is your mind’s production and what you feel is your mind’s processed thought. So, loneliness is nothing but your mind’s current state. You just need to take some small steps to improve this state of mind.

So, the first step is to tell your mind that you are not going to be lonely anymore. You need to train your mind into thinking positive and you will see the difference right away.

Analyze the thoughts that you get when you feel lonely and counter them with positive responses on how you are going to tackle them. For example, if you fear going out and meeting new people, your mind will start fearing as soon as you see someone trying to approach you.

You just need to say to yourself, let me just say a ‘Hi’ to this person. As soon as you pour this thought in your mind, your negative thoughts will be on the back-foot and you will be able to communicate easily with the person.

3) Family and friends are not just for good times – good friends stay in bad times as well

Everyone has friends and/or family at every point in one’s life. Even if you have not spoken to a friend for years, it doesn’t make him an enemy.

You should call an old friend or two and you will see how interacting with them makes you feel different. At first, you will feel hesitated but this is the beauty of friends and family, they are way beyond hesitation, caring for you.

4) A hobby is a key to making good friends

so start with your hobby and join a hobby group if possible, and you will enjoy the wonders it will do for you.

5) Seeking professional help is not a bad step – you can benefit a lot in very less time

Sometimes, it is just plain difficult to open up to even friends and family. You can then choose to meet a professional who can work with you and help you overcome your fears and loneliness.

These professionals are highly trained in human psychology and understand what help or push you need to overcome that mental barrier and start socializing again.


It is not that important for your personal life to be highly active on social media, or have hundreds of followers on your channels. One good friend or two can bring the companionship in your life that you strive for. Enjoy being a part of a group, big or small; because together we feel complete, and alone we are lonely.

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