Simple and easy way of using airbrush for beginners

By using an airbrush you can reduce the time of painting any surface and also have the quality and efficiency of painting which cannot be achieved by brush painting as brushes leave some brushstrokes after painting.

Why use an airbrush?

Airbrushes are clean and do not show any brushstrokes as shown by brush paintings. And it also reduces the time of colouring the things. Model air 1 and game air are famous colour brands of the airbrush. And have a basic colour for painting which are cost-effective as well and they are water-based Colours.


1) Airbrushes can also be used for craft paints, textile paints, nail paints, tattoo artist, painting on the grounds of walls, etc.

2) It offers the artist many advantages. You can also use any standard acrylic paint or lacquer and textile paints to paint surfaces with the use of an airbrush by using paint thinner until those paints are fluid enough to go into the pistol or airbrush gun.

How to use an airbrush?

1) Turn on compression

For the use of an airbrush, it is important that you connect the airbrush to the air hose of the compressor. And then you can turn on the Compressor. Afterwards, the pressure immediately starts building up due to the compression of air and storage air in the air tank.

The advantage of an air tank is that it reduces the volume. And there is more constant working pressure, which can be seen in the pressure meter.

1) When you release some air it goes down and then builds itself back again. It is important to manage the pressure.

2) To manage the pressure, pull up the regulator cap on the compressor and twist it round until pressure on what surface you worked on is achieved.

2) Add paint

Add some amount of paint to the container.

3) Start to paint

1) Hold the airbrush in the same way as you hold the pen. When the paint goes inside the container at the top, there is a dual-action button near the container that helps you to control the airflow and paint flow separately.

2) If you push the button to the top it will leave the air as well as if you pull and drag the button. Air or paint will start to flow to the top and paint the surface.

3) There is also a wheel at the end which is useful for controlling the amount of paint that comes out and also useful in controlling the pressure.

Note: By pressing the dual-action button of the airbrush, you can only get air. But by dragging the button backwards paint will come up. If you pull it only a little, you can apply a thin coat of paint. And if you pull it a lot and you get a strong application of Colour.


Airbrush works on the same principle as that of car sprays i.e. The more you are away from the surface that has to be painted, the more surface area will be covered which will be not defined; on contrary, if you are closer to the surface, less surface area will be covered which will be more defined.

Tip :

1) A nice spray pattern can only be achieved if pressure is adjusted in a detailed manner. If the paint is not coming out, block the tip with your finger. And then try to spray it, you get the trapped air bubbles after that it works again.

2) After painting the surface, use the airbrush cleaner to clean the airbrush as it may jam the airbrush and can not be used for its further application.

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