Quick Tips Regarding Lemon Diet For Weight Loss

Lemon diet for weight loss

These days weight loss and diet plans have become synonymous to each other. If you wish to lose weight, you have hundreds of diet plans available at your disposal. You can opt for anyone of them based on your personal convenience. A lemon detox diet is a diet plan which is sponsored by various celebrities and which comes with a promise to reduce your weight in a very short period.

What is the lemon diet plan?

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Each diet plan provides you with food options with a major focus on lesser consumption of fat, carbohydrates, and calories. They provide you with alternatives for the same. Lemon Detox diet asks you to incorporate specialized lemon water as an alternative to your regular diet. The lemon diet plan is also known as the Master cleanse diet meant to cleanse the body system. This detox diet is a short term diet plan and is promoted as a quick weight loss option.

Duration of Lemon diet plan

The lemon diet plan is commonly spread for 10 days to a max of 40 days with a soothing in and cooling off period of 2-5 days each. This makes it a 14-20 day diet plan when followed for the minimum durations. This diet plan comes as a very short duration diet plan when compared with other available dieting plans.

What does the diet consist of?

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The most important question in any form of diet is what do we get to eat and what needs to go off our food plates. Well, to start with, the lemonade diet plan targets to remove all the solid food forms from your diet for the duration it is followed. This is, hence, once of the toughest diet plans to follow with literally only liquid diet showing up on your diet chart.

The typical period of the master cleanse lemonade diet will constitute-

The Soothing in Days

Soothing in into any form of dieting is extremely important. It lets you get going towards the main tougher diet. In the soothing in the days of the lemonade diet, you need to get rid of all the fat eatables you were consuming. You give up all the junk food filled with trans-fat. Additionally, you give up fried food and other high cholesterol and high-fat food. Moreover, you can say no to alcoholic drinks, caffeine drinks, and sugar. of course You start taking citrus fruits in your diet. You start up with the lemon detox drink. You can have some low carbs food in this period to satisfy your hunger and taste buds.

Lemons all over – The Master Cleansing starts

This is the heart of the master cleansing diet plan. Here you give up all the solid forms of food. Your intake is limited to the special lemon detox drinks. You can, however, take these drinks in different forms for up to six times per day. The lemon drinks consist of the following ingredients-

  • Maple syrup – 2 tablespoon
  • Cayenne pepper – as per taste
  • Fresh lime juice – 2 tablespoon
  • Purified water – approx 300 ml

In addition to the above drink, you should start your mornings with warm salt water to improve your metabolism. This diet is usually suggested for 10 to 40 days. There are, however, no explanations or research available on the exact duration.

Let’s cool down to normalcy

Once you are done with the hard part of the main diet, you need to cool your system down for a couple of days before getting back to your old normal diet. During this cooling-off phase, you can again start taking up citric fruit juices, fresh vegetables, and fruits.

What next?

Once the diet plan is over, you can get started with your old food habits. Just ensure to reduce processed food and junk food to the minimum and stay healthy with healthy eating habits.

How does Lemon diet work?

  • A lemonade diet is a form of detox diet. It gets into your body and cleanses your system from any form of toxins available there. One serving of the special detox drink contains close to 110 calories. This adds up to around 650 calories per day, which is quite less than your normal calorie intake as well as than what is required by the body. So, the body uses the fat from your body and burns it up to generate the energy that is required for it.
  • Of course Lemon also acts as a blood purifier as well as a liver purifier. So, it helps in properly cleansing your internal system. This, in turn, helps you get rid of unwanted bacteria from your body.
  • The complete ban on the solid food forms, junk food, and alcohol helps your body to work more efficiently, thus improving your health and cutting down unwanted fat these food options would have brought along with them.


  • We all know that everything has advantages as well as disadvantages. With the main advantage of short term weight loss, the main disadvantage of the lemonade diet is that it is not at all a balanced diet. You are living literally on the lemon juices with absolutely no solid food intake.
  • So, there are high chances of you feeling low on energy during the diet period. And this may result in dizziness during the day time. This diet origins way back in the 1940s, but still till date there are no solid explanations or researches done in this field.
  • There is more theory to it than research which makes it a difficult diet to attempt. It is one diet that focuses on short term weight loss concept. Our body has a habit to regain its shape for anything done in the short term. So, if a proper diet is not followed after the diet plan is over, there are chances of you regain that lost weight.


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There are many diet plans available for weight loss. The lemon diet plan works well for those looking for a short term weight loss. The diet is constrained mainly to the special lemon detox drinks. This diet when followed for a minimum of 10 days (plus 4-10 days of soothing in and cooling off period), it results in visible weight loss. This diet is tough to take up and may lead to dizziness and low energy levels. Once the diet is over, you need to improve your eating habits to stay fit and healthy.

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