Quick Tips For How to sleep after meniscus surgery?

Rest once you feel tired. obtaining enough sleep can assist you recover!

If you’re sleeping a small amount additional when surgery, good! meaning your body desires it. when meniscus surgery, simply having energy enough to care for yourself throughout the day are difficult initially.

Useful Tips From Experts In How To Sleep After Meniscus Surgery?

You must enjoy 8 hours of sleep or wont to only 5-6 hours of shuteye .

1) Sleep on back with elevated leg

Lay down on your back .

Keep both legs elevated. It is one of the simplest position for patients who’s surgery is done.


Keep legs elevated however not bend . It enhances blood flow to the world surrounding the meniscus that means adequate provides different nutrients which will reduce swelling and speed up the healing .

2) “good leg” facet position

Carefully place pillows between your knees. If you are not able to sleep on your back you have option to Sleep on your side and it should be the last choice.

To protect your incision space and avoid any torn meniscus pain at nighttime you have to sleep on your back with straight legs could be a nice position.


Take extra care when elevating Legs do not bend the knee. Also, it is important to take care when operating leg the site of the surgery must be on upward facing.

3) Effective respiratory exercises and Meditation

When you’re having problem for sleeping after completing  cartilage surgery, try to take deep breaths. Inhale by nose and exhale by your mouth. Repeat 10 times. It facilitate to you relax, encourage circulation and decrease feeling of  pain and inflammation.

Meditation is ancient-old apply  calm to the mind.

It helps to reduce pain if any and reduced anxiety and provide higher quality of sleep

You will take guide of you tube.

4) Relive from pain is additionally necessary issue to get higher sleep . For that we’ve to require care of following things

i) Ice Packs for pain relief

Ice helps to reduce pain appears during post-meniscus surgery and it also  boost the probabilities of higher snoozing during the night. To reduce swelling and pain, place ice or a cold pack on your knee for ten to twenty minutes at a time. Do this each few hours. To avoid Skin burn place fabric between the ice and your skin.

ii) Compression vital for Healing

Compression may be another necessary remedy for anyone troubled to sleep once undergoing surgery within the meniscus region.

iii) Pain relief Medication

Pain medications which  will help to inhibiting sensation of brain from receiving pain transmission  after  undergoing meniscus surgery at night.

Many times , blood thinners like aspirin medicine is also used . They’ll interfere with the healing method. Before taking any medicine you have to speak to your doctor for permission to take medicine.

iv) No more noise

An active substance of sleep like noises not good for sleep, whether or not you’re sick from surgery .

To fall asleep quickly one quiet bedroom is needed. It will be an excellent way ,once recovering from meniscus surgery and also turn off electronic appliances like mobile and laptop which will disturb your sleep .

In apartment it is not possible to get Undisturbed sleep then you can use noise-canceling headphones it mutes the  background noises. You can also try the sound which are made for sleeping and also available on YouTube.

v) Warm water Bath

The warm water bathing  cools down bloods heat quickly resulting in deeper relaxation and quicker sleeping afterwards.

Finally, keep in mind that sleep is crucial to your recovery.  your body additionally desires adequate rest to heal the surgery web site and make broken tissues. And once your gristle program begins, rest can become even additional necessary. make sure to create sleep quality very a priority.

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