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Psychotherapy for a depression free mind and a great mental health - NewsDozens
Psychotherapy for a depression free mind and a great mental health

Psychotherapy for a depression free mind and a great mental health

As a matter of fact, Depression is not good for you; it has never been good for anyone. Obviously depression is a state of mind in which the world seems a lonely place and you develop an indifferent behavior towards the people of this world and the activities going on in this world. And the worst thing is that you become indifferent to what good or bad is happening in your own life. On the other hand, Sadness overshadows any forms of happiness and your attitude towards life becomes miserable. As I said, all this is just a state of your mind and as soon as that state of mind changes, your perception towards everything starts changing. To bring this positive change in the life of a depressed person, there are various techniques available. Psychotherapy for depression is one such technique where a professional works with you to bring you out of the depressed state of mind.

Different Reasons for Depression – Why the state of the mind change?

Probably depression can be due to several reasons, which may include –

  • A trauma from childhood which was never addressed.
  • Death of a family member, a close relative or someone you loved too much.
  • When a relationship goes wrong in which you were completely dedicated.
  • A major physical injury may lead to mental state change as well.
  • Lack of self-confidence throughout your life may result in depression in the long run.
  • A not-so-good or a rather bad family environment may lead to depression.
  • A past experience where you had done something wrong.
  • A lost job, change of location, and leaving behind your friends may lead to depression.

The above list is not exhaustive but just an indication of how our past life, surroundings, family, and situations impact our state of mind to the extent that we may start feeling the state of depression.

Psychotherapy as a treatment procedure for depression

Psychotherapy, commonly known as a therapy, is a process in which your depression level is examined by a trained professional with the help of talks. Additionally, you talk to the professional therapist or counselor about your symptoms for depression and tell him how your feelings are these days. Moreover the professional tries to understand your problem, and identifies the probable cause of your depression and helps you to overcome the problems that you face. In an ongoing process, the therapist schedules multiple meetings with you and each meeting tracks your progress and makes you feel better with his or her techniques.

The different types of Psychotherapy and their processes

Psychotherapy is a very vast topic as it deals with one of the most complicated parts of the human body, the mind. So, it has a variety of types and each type may suit to treat a specific depression condition.

  1. One to One Therapy or Individual therapy – The focus is on you

As the name suggests, one to one therapy focuses on you throughout the session. The therapist talks to you about your past, your present, your relationships and everything else that may be bothering your mind. Your point of view is examined and accordingly, your sessions are planned to support you and help you in coming out of your situation.

  1. Group Therapy– The group feels the same as you

Sometimes, it is a group of likeminded people that may do wonders in the case of depression. A person in depression often feels lonely and detached from the world. Knowing that there are others like you, who understand your suffering and are living with similar problems helps you share your problems with them. You become at ease with them and the therapist plays a moderator to get the best out of the group conversations.

  1. Couples Therapy – Your partner knows you better

If you live with your partner, there are very high chances that the remedy to your problem comes from inside your house. Your partner can play a very important role in your recovery and likewise, you can play a significant role in your partner’s recovery. This therapy session engages the partner of the sufferer and makes them work on their partner’s depression. Sometimes, this method works better than any other method due to the emotional involvement of the partner.

  1. Family Therapy – Family as a lifeline to your happiness

Those people are blessed for whom the family comes to the rescue when needed. This therapy is meant to involve your family members in helping you come out of your situation. If you are comfortable sharing your problem areas with your family, this may turn out to be the best therapy for you.

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The different approaches a Therapist follows to handle depression

A therapist may follow different approaches with different kinds of people to handle their depression levels. These approaches are apt to handle different depression problems.

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you think the right way

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on analyzing your point of view and making you understand what is the difference between your thinking and reality. In this therapy, the therapist tries to tell you where you are thinking in the right direction and where you need to do some changes in your thinking. This therapy helps you to start thinking rationally and in the right direction.

  • Interpersonal Therapy to help you come out of that communication problem

In this therapy, the therapist focuses on your interpersonal skills and helps you improve your communication with your family, friends, relatives, and society. This Interpersonal therapy is useful for people who have depression due to mourning, social anxiety, and major life events and are struggling to communicate their way out of this state.

  • Psychodynamic Therapy to help you cope up with the trauma of your life

Psychodynamic Therapy focuses on trauma from childhood or a similar experience later. In this therapy, the therapist talks about your experience and helps you cope up with the trauma associated with it.


Of course, depression has a lot of forms and a lot of reasons, but the good thing is that it can be cured with proper medical advice. Psychotherapy alone or with medication can help you overcome any form of depression and can bring back the joy of living to your life.

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