Myths About How To Fix A Crooked Nose


A crooked nose is different from the typical nose as it doesn’t follow the linear structure like normal humans. It may be a little bendy. Cosmetic may be another concern for changing the structure of the nose.

Did you know About How To Fix A Crooked Nose?

A crooked nose may lead to breathing problem in a rare case. People probably prefer to fix it for cosmetic reasons because it may not look suitable for facial symmetry. The dermal fillers can also be known as soft tissue fillers. Of course, this is another method for changing the structure. 

Causes of a crooked nose

Before getting to know the treatment option, we must know why this crooked nose problem comes. Reasons for crooked nose may vary. They include

Birth defects:- 

Some people may have a crooked nose from birth itself because of hereditary problems. In this case, you cannot do anything rather than having surgery.


Most of the time, accidents are the reason for the crooked nose. When you get a hit to the nose, you might have a broken nose with an irregular shape. Bike and car accidents are the main reason for the crooked nose.


 Some people have breathing issues. Surgeries may also be the reason sometimes for the crooked nose.

Internal tumours:- 

Tumors caused in your nose are also why your nose might lose its regular shape.

Deviated septum:-

Now this is also a reason you might have a crooked nose. The septum is the nose wall, whose primary duty is to isolate left, right nasal passages. Both the passages can be separated from one another, which may block nasal airways.

Preparations for surgery

Doctors will tell you to go through various tests to check if you are suitable for the surgery. According to the test results, surgery will be conducted. You should be ready for both mental and physical factors.

Ways to straightens a crooked nose

Fixing the crooked nose includes different types of plastic surgery, or cosmetic surgery is carried out, which are listed below.


Rhinoplasty has two types cosmetic rhinoplasty and functional rhinoplasty. Cosmetic rhinoplasty is carried out that your nose should gain its structure back while on the other hand, functional rhinoplasty is carried out to correct the malfunction of breathing issues.

Rhinoplasty procedures sometimes may cause severe bleeding and infection.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty:-

This procedure improves the structure of the nose but does not make any changes in the breathing pattern with minimal scarring.

Functional rhinoplasty:- 

This procedure improves the function of the nose with minimal scarring. You can breathe easily after doing this surgery.


This procedure is associated with the bone of the nose that straightens the nose. Most doctors recommend this surgery. Septoplasty also helps in breathing easily. In this surgery, the part of the septum is removed, which is deviated.

For altering the internal parts of the nose or septum, You have to go through the septoplasty. Other surgeries won’t do that.

Things after the surgery

  1. After the nose surgery, you may expect your nose’s proper shape. You have to bear with the pain that occurred due to the surgery.
  2. Recovery time may differ from person to person. On average, it takes 8 -11 days to recover the full pain, but scars may take longer to disappear.
  3. Follow the tips given below so that you can increase the recovery rate of your nose surgery.

Tips after surgery

Ice cubes:- 

Rubbing ice cubes will decrease the pain. Just take the ice cube, cover the small piece of cloth on it, and gently rub it on your nose. Do this procedure 2-3 times a day.


Try to eat and drink healthy. Drink too much water for faster healing. Doctors recommend to eat soups and take a protein-related diet. Protein-based foods help you recover even faster.

Avoid blowing:-

Don’t blow your nose as it will make the scenario worse and increase the healing time after surgery.

Avoid salty food:- 

Try to stay away from food that has lots of salt included in it.

Take complete rest:-

Try to rest as much as you can. Resting will make you more comfortable after the surgery. Sleep on a proper soft bed and also make sure you are not hurting your nose while sleeping.

Regular checkups:- 

Visit the doctor after the surgery to see if everything is going fine.

Avoid spicy food:-  

When you heat spicy food, your nose starts releasing the water. This water can be the main reason that you are not healing fastly. Hence stay away from too spicy food else you will end up making your nose job difficult.

Avoid smoking:- 

Don’t smoke at for least two weeks after the surgery.


In this post, we have shared with you the information about the nose structure and focused on the surgeries performed to regain the structure. Many tips are shared here on how to recover from the surgery faster. Post-surgery precautions are also shared. Hence you don’t have to panic.

We have also shared with you information about different surgery. In this post, we have answered all your queries regarding how to fix a crooked nose. Stay safe and healthy. Thanks, we appreciate your time.


Of course, this post is just for information purpose. We are not responsible for any other things. We strictly suggest you visit the board-certified doctor before doing anything that might put you into the risk.

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