Mind Numbing Facts How To Make A Wish Come True In 30 Seconds

Everything You Need To Know About How To Make A Wish Come True In 30 Seconds?

Wish comes true only if we make an effort to make it true at the right time. Making the effort at the right time and in the right direction is the key to fulfilling the wish. For any person, the ability of what he or she can achieve in their life purely depends on the fact that how much they can imagine achieving that wish.

Everything happening in our life is directly related to the theory of Cause and Effect. Any person can achieve anything in their life only if they channel the things properly to get the right thing. A person gets all the things whatever he or she wants instantly is not just magic. Fulfilling the wish means that whatever you wish to achieve just start making effort to get that and that’s why it is said in 30 seconds. because it takes a person to think and start making effort towards the wish in only 30 seconds.


Clear visualization about anything is a very powerful tool. because if the person starts seeing things in the eye of their mind then those things automatically start happening in real life. Visualization by mind creates effects that allow the person to visualize in real life also. It is said that if the person can visualize things in just 30 seconds then it will take the person to a new level of power and intensity. And it will allow the person to concentrate on the wish to achieve it.

For the person, 30 seconds of pure focus and intent make them realize the things in real life. And also it allows them to set things in motion to achieve the goal. Focusing for 30 seconds to make the wish true is just like compressing a full movie in a five minutes small video. But the video can give the whole information about the movie.


1) Every day you have to visualize all the things intensely. Everything implies that in the provided time of 30 seconds you have to realize the sound and smells you are feeling. You have to visualize the reaction of the peoples you know. And it may include realization about the tiles of the floor on which you are standing.

2) Make the wish you want crystal clear in your mind. Make a picture of the things you want to make happen in real life.

Initially, it may take time to visualize all the things in the given period. But after the practice of a few weeks, you can realize that things are moving in the right direction. And you are now able to realize everything in that short time. Making a wish true depends on various factors like how intensively you want that and how it is going to affect your life. It is said that a very powerful method to give your wishes firmness is to write the wishes on paper. It will work as a reminder for you.

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