How To Make Breast Bigger By Massage

Learning How To Make Breast Bigger By Massage Is Not Difficult At All!

How to make breast bigger by massage

Everyone wants to own a perfect body. A perfect body is one which is good in shape and best in health. Breasts are an important part of a woman’s body and optimum breast size is what every woman wants. Many a time, a woman feels the need to increase her breast size. Breast massaging comes to the rescue for such women. Breast Massaging is a way to increase your breast size naturally. Before we understand how to make breast bigger by massage, let us look into the benefits that breast massaging brings along with it.

  • The main benefit – Bigger Breast size

Yes, massaging help in naturally enhancing your breast size. When it comes to the body, the natural way is the best way to achieve anything. We all know that there are several shortcuts available to increase your breast size. But, most of them are unnatural. For example, having surgery to increase breast size may give you instant results but they may lead to several health issues in the long run. The breasts are composed of very soft tissues which need to be taken care of while trying to increase the breast size. In the case of unnatural means, these tissues are either not taken proper care of or else are hurt. Either of the above-mentioned situations is not good if you want to have healthy breasts.

  • An important factor – Improved Blood Circulation

While the expectation of bigger breast size is the main motivation behind massaging them, there are many other benefits of massaging your breasts. Improved blood circulation is one of the important benefits you get.

  • Health benefits – Reduced chances of breast cancer

Breast cancer is very common for ladies in the middle and higher ages. Formation of lumps inside the breast and dense breast tissues are the main causes of this form of cancer. While you massage your breasts, you take care of the soft tissues present in the breast and hence reduce the chances of formation of dense tissues. In other words, you can prevent breast cancer with regularly massaging your breasts.

  • Looks matter – Getting the right looks

Everyone wants good looks and a better-shaped body. With regular massaging, the breasts become more toned and get into a good shape. This improves your overall personality and helps in inducing a high level of self-confidence.

  • No more stress – Massage yourself to a stress-free life

Massaging your breasts releases oxytocin commonly known as the love hormone. This hormone helps in decreasing stress and depression levels from your mind and body. Thus, regular massaging results in lower levels of stress and leads to a happier lifestyle.

Breast massaging techniques

Now that we clearly understand the benefits of massaging breasts, let us look into the breast massaging techniques. Before starting with these techniques ensure that your palms are warm and that you use a proper lubricant like oil or cream to avoid friction and hence pain.

  • Circular Movement

In this technique, massage both your breasts together with both your hands. The movement of the hands should be circular starting from between the breasts and moving towards the outer side. Avoid massaging the nipples. The amount of pressure you put by hands while massaging matters a lot. If more pressure is exerted then there are chances of damaging tissues whereas if less pressure is exerted then the effect will be minimal. The pressure needs to be optimum for getting the best results. Try to increase and decrease the pressure and once you feel the pressure is fine, keep the same level of pressure. Do these movements for 2 to 5 minutes.

  • Side Movement

Start from under the armpits and gently push the flesh towards the center of the breast. You can do this step for 2 minutes. This will help reduce the extra flesh near the armpits and will hone the breasts’ shape.

  • Upward Movement

Start from the naval and push the flesh towards the breasts and end up with lifting the breasts. This type of upward movement will help in shaping your breasts the right way. Do this movement for 2 minutes.

  • One at a time

You can also focus on one breast at a time. Perform the circular movement technique on one breast. Then follow the same on the other breast. This will give your hands some rest as at a time only one hand will be in motion. You can combine it with both breasts’ massage as well as per your convenience.

When, how long and how many times – Details explained

Now that we have understood the different techniques involved in breast massaging, let us understand the duration as well. Here, consistency matters more than the duration of the massage. You can do a minimum of 5 minutes of massage at a time to a maximum of 15 minutes. More than 15 minutes is not suggested at a time. Instead, do it twice a day for 5 minutes each for better results. Follow this routine daily for 30 days minimum. The best time to massage is once you are done with your bath. This helps in creating a routine task for your all day.

Important – When not to massage your breasts

We have understood when to massage but another important thing to note is when not to massage. Don’t massage your breasts in case of any sort of pain or injuries in the breast area. If you have undergone any breast surgery, seek a medical expert’s advice before massaging your breasts. If you feel any lumps in the breast, immediately consider contacting a medical expert. Massage your breasts only in normal conditions, for everything else; it is always better to seek professional advice.


Breast massage has been there for a long time and has a lot of benefits. When done properly it helps in shaping your breasts, improves your health and boosts your self-confidence. You can follow different techniques to massage your breasts and remember that consistency is more important than duration. Lastly, always seek a piece of professional advice when in doubt. Feel free to visit our previous posts for sudden weight loss and meditation techniques so far.

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