Learn how to charge a Stig?

Did you know you can charge your stig? Only if you can hack it. Learn to hack a stig recharge. Disposable stig devices are perfect substitutes for your nicotine consumption. Stig pods shaped like pen drives are easy to carry. Use it, fix your nicotine and throw it. Do not throw it in the dustbin directly. It may adversely affect our environment if not disposed properly, be careful. Stop charging or using if you see any abnormal activity like weird odor, change of color or shape.

What is disposable Stig pod device?

It’s an absolute revolution made as an alternative to cigarettes. Each device contains 1.2 ml of salt and a liquid and they come in 6% nicotine or in other words around 20 cigarettes. They come in different flavors including vegan options.

Why stig?

These devices are quite portable and the vapor production is pretty good for a disposable pod device. Stig is easy to carry, small enough to fit into your  pockets. Perfect and easiest way to fix your nicotine. It’s totally low maintenance. It’s like an ultimate substitute for cigarettes. As 1 stig equals to 20 cigarettes this makes it easy to handle.

Everything comes with its cons. 

As much handy stig pods as risky they are. Do not use them if the batteries are damaged.  Keep them away from reach of children and pets. Try to keep them in a dry place. Stop using it if juice is coming through vape. They can easily catch fire so make sure to keep the pods away from such sort of place. If mishandled these devices may cause serious injury.

Stig pods are made disposable that means ‘use and throw’. These little pen like pods are made for temporary uses. Once the juice inside is finished these are to be disposed. These pod’s  batteries are already enough charged which provides sufficient number of vapors.

How to use it?

These are very simple to use. Just unpack it, remove the mouth piece and its ready for that satisfying draw.

But the question arises here is are they rechargeable?

If yes, then how to charge a stig? As the name suggests disposable, which mean to throw away after its use, these devices cannot be charged in a normal way but it is possible if you can hack it. Although this is not  what manufacturer of these pods intended to. The main purpose behind making such small, handy, disposable pods is to provide convenience to the buyer and by going into the process of hacking and charging, which is a very risky and long process, the purpose is lost. Also it has a pre-charged low wattage battery.

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