can I to get pregnant 2 days after my period time

Is possible can i get pregnant 2 days after my period?

The chances of getting pregnant 2 days after your period are low, but not very low. Pregnancy is possible in this period. How low are the chances in this case? To answer this better, we need to understand how the menstrual cycle works. This will help us understand how easy or difficult it is to get pregnant in different periods of the menstruation cycle.

The Menstrual Cycle

Menstruation means having your periods. It is that time of the month when your vagina releases blood along with tissues from your uterus. The menstrual cycle is the period between the first day of periods in the first cycle and the first day of periods in the next cycle. It is usually a monthly cycle of 28 to 30 days with some variations for different ladies.

Ovulation – Timings in the menstruation cycle

Ovulation means releasing of eggs from the ovaries. It so happens that every month an egg is released from one of the ovaries. This egg, if fertilized, may very well result in pregnancy. For a regular cycle of 28 days, ovulation usually happens somewhere between 10th day and 15th day of the cycle.

During this time, the egg can be fertilized and can result in pregnancy. However, if the egg is not fertilized, then the next phase of the menstrual cycle comes into picture which is known as Menstruation or Periods.

Menstruation (Periods)

Periods usually have a duration of 5 to 7 days. Again, this duration may be different for every person. Menstruation (Periods) is a process of releasing blood from the body which could otherwise have been used for pregnancy.

This is the period when the body gets ready for the next cycle of ovulation. In this process, all the stuff from the previous cycle is shed away from the body in the form of menstrual blood.

The link between Periods, Ovulation and pregnancy

The menstrual cycle happens because of the changes in hormones in the body. In this cycle, the lining of the uterus thickens and an egg grows in the ovary and which then gets released by the ovary resulting in the process called ovulation.

After sexual intercourse when sperm comes in contact with an egg, the sperm tries to fertilize it and hence results in pregnancy. The probability of getting pregnant during different durations of menstruation cycle can be explained as below –

During Ovulation

Sexual intercourse during the ovulation period has a high probability of resulting in pregnancy. This is because the sperm can easily fertilize the readily available egg in this period.

This is the reason that for those looking to get pregnant, it is recommended to have maximum sex during this time. In other words, this is the best time to have sex during the cycle and chances to get pregnant are extremely high.

Ovulation period may be longer for some while shorter for some others. This period, however, plays a definitive role in creating a pregnancy.

Just Before Periods

This is the time when your ovulation period is ending and your periods are about to get started. The next ovulation cycle is far and hence the chances of getting pregnant during this period are quite less.

This is the time when the egg is available just for a couple of days more and hence there is a very low possibility of it getting fertile during this period. This time is ideal for enhancing your intimacy with your partner without having much to worry about pregnancy.

However, for those with the shorter menstrual cycle, there the ovulation cycle also comes up early, so they need to be extra careful during this phase than those with a normal cycle.

During Periods

This is interesting. What are the possibilities of getting pregnant during periods? While the most probable answer may seem to be a no, but the answer is that you can get pregnant during this period. The reason is simple.

Theoretically, the sperm can live inside you for as many as 2 to 5 days. If you have unprotected sex on the last day of your periods, the sperm may stay inside for the next 5 days.

And this will also be the time for ovulation meaning the time when your ovulation period would have started. This means, your egg can get fertile and may result in pregnancy. Again, the chances are very low, but the possibility is always there.

Just After Periods

After the periods’ end, the next phase is the beginning of the ovulation cycle. The ovulation cycle normally starts from the 10th or 11th day of the menstrual cycle.

So, let us say, if you have intercourse 2 days after your periods ended, you are in the 7th or 8th day of your menstrual cycle. As we understood earlier, sperm can live inside you for 2 to5 days. So, it is possible that the sperm can meet the egg and result in pregnancy.

There have been many instances reported of getting pregnant after having intercourse just after the periods ended. So, getting pregnant two days after periods has a higher rate of possibility than getting pregnant 2 days before periods or during the periods.

Conclusion – The final understanding

It is not that you can easily get pregnant at any time of your menstrual cycle. There are some days which are more fertile than the other days. We looked into different durations in the menstrual period. We understood that the ovulation period, which is usually between 10th and 15th day of your cycle, is the best period for you to try and get pregnant. For those, who want to prevent pregnancy, a couple of days before periods are the best times to have intercourse.

However, there is still an extremely low chance of getting pregnant in this case as well. It is always better to use protection to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Also, there are very low chances during periods and low but genuine chances of getting pregnant two days after periods. It is always better to consult a doctor for any complications or a piece of personalized advice. Keeping know-how of your menstrual cycle allows you to better understand your chances of pregnancy. At last, you can refer and read best meditation techniques and Lemon Diet For Weight Loss tips whenever you needed.

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