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How to tell if a baby squirrel is dying?

11 dying signs of a baby squirrel: All you need to know

It really makes you sad, when you come home from work and see a dying squirrel in our yard, or it can also be one of your favorite pets. Squirrels can live up to 12 years of age if given proper care. They too die at a certain period due to old age. All you can do is comfort it and wave goodbye.

Given below are 11 warning signs to find out an ill baby squirrel.

To Learn the things for how to find out a sick baby squirrel?

Some of the common symptoms of sickness in squirrels are given below:

  • Discharge from their eyes, ears, mouth, or nose
  • Lethargic behavior
  • Weakness
  • Wheezing
  • Coughing
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Seizures
  • Any Visible tumors
  • Skin anomalies like bare skin, lesions, rashes, or spots.
  • Passing bloody or watery diarrhea
  • External wounds

What is the list of major causes of the death of Baby Squirrel?

If you have pet squirrels you must be aware of the possibility of when and how the squirrel falls sick? Consequently, it becomes important to know the major causes which may kill your squirrel.

Any Diseases

The squirrel may have contracted any deadly disease due to any viral, bacterial, parasitical agents from its living environment. The diseased squirrel presents with external lesions around the eyes, ears, mouth, body, feet, and genitalia.

Due to Improper diet

It becomes important to follow a proper healthy and balanced diet for the baby squirrel. As the food you give may not fulfill the nutritional requirements of the squirrel. Therefore, ask any experienced person or animal caretaker from the pet store regarding the diet for your pet squirrel.

Accident to the inexperienced baby squirrel

When a baby squirrel falls out from a very high place or is hit by a vehicle, it may involve serious head trauma and other internal injuries. Unless taken care of it may lead to the death of a squirrel. The squirrel may fall victim to the dogs, cats, or other wildlife animals present in the neighborhoods. Furthermore, exposure to common pesticides or rat poisons (Rodenticides) is meant for other animals has potentially serious life-threatening effects on squirrels.

Starvation for a longer period

The baby squirrel which has not opened its eyes should be fed every two to three hours up and down the clock. The squirrel dies if you don’t feed it for a day.

Unfavorable Weather conditions

Sometimes severe hot or cold climate can be the reason for the death of the squirrel.

What signs to look for when a squirrel is sick or dying?

There are some evident signs and symptoms to evaluate whether your squirrel is sick they are,

  • Behavioral changes
  • Generalized weakness
  • Changes in skin
  • Loss of weight & Loss of appetite

Behavioral changes

The squirrels may carry disease but still, look healthy from their appearance. Hence you must note any changes in behavior. Furthermore, if your squirrel is not interested in doing its regular activities anymore you should be alert and guess that something is wrong with your pet.

Generalized weakness

A healthy squirrel is fast and energetic. However, a lethargic and weak squirrel can be suffering from diseases such as rabies or any other internal infection. Under these circumstances, you must take your ill squirrel to the vet.

Changes in skin

Look for any visible skin conditions such as baldness, tumor-like outgrowth, hair loss, white or dark patch on the skin. Furthermore, they may indicate any fungal or bacterial infections which should be treated as soon as possible.

Loss of weight & Loss of appetite

Squirrels are omnivores they have a high appetite and eat a wide range of delicious foods. If your squirrel is not eating anything for a long period of time, it’s time for you to seek an expert.

Are there any ways to keep a baby squirrel from dying?

Usually, the mother squirrels take back their babies and give better care. If the baby squirrel is inactive, cold on touch it is sick or dying. Under these conditions, the mother squirrel does not take back the dying or sick baby.

New Born Baby Squirrel Image
Baby Squirrel

If you find an injured or very sick dying squirrel, contact the wildlife rehabilitator or a vet immediately.

#1. Firstly, keep the sick squirrel away from children and other pets.

#2. Secondly, find a good safe spot with adequate lighting in your home.

#3.  Thirdly, try to keep the baby squirrel as warm as possible. Wrap it with a clean blanket in a box with a heating pad placed nearby. Or else you can also use a ziplock bag with hot water instead of a heating pad.

#4. Finally, if you find any difficulty in taking care, transport the baby squirrel safely to the wildlife rehabilitator.

It is important to give water to a dehydrated baby squirrel immediately, as it is cannot digest food properly. There is an easy way for testing the signs of dehydration. Firstly, make sure you wear thick gloves and simply pinch the squirrel’s shoulders lightly. If the skin doesn’t spring back to its normal position, it means the baby squirrel needs water immediately. Furthermore, you can also try rehydrating fluids like Pedialyte.

Injuries in baby squirrels: How do you prevent them?

Furthermore, we have discussed the ways to take care of the baby squirrel from getting ill.

#1. Ensure to provide healthy and proper adequate nutrition. Hence feed your baby squirrel with foods enriched with specific macro and micronutrients.

#2. Do not give cow milk to the baby squirrel as it could be fatal. For squirrel food, you can go to your local pet store, or else you can order it from a trusted source. In addition to it, you can also easily feed uncooked rice in moderate quantities to your squirrel. In case you don’t know how to feed get the help of an expert or vet.

#3. Ensure that you clean the cage at least once a week. This is because exposure to unclean living conditions can put the squirrel at risk for catching diseases or illnesses.

#4. Wash your hands before and after handling young squirrels. Furthermore, it is important to play with the squirrels for stimulating the proper functioning of their muscles and gaining muscle strength.

#5. Isolate the sick squirrel from other squirrels in order to prevent from transmitting disease from one to another.

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