How to spiritually awaken or spiritual enlightenment?

Introduction to spiritual awakening or spiritual enlightenment

There are times when you want to listen to your mind, body, and heart for the source of peace. Of course, many people believe that walking on the spiritual path is the only way to find perfect peace from this cruel world.

When we hear the word spirituality, we often think that it is related to religion. Sometimes even question of God exists arises. We will start the spiritual journey by understanding the word spiritual. In addition, spiritual means we are moving our self into a deeper level of cognition.

Understanding this fact would not say that you spiritually awaken.

Elaboration of spiritual awakening

First up all, there are many definitions of this term. Some are simple and easy. On the other hand, some are hard to explain, but we have given you the description that will easily let you understand.

It is the process of becoming more conscious and encouraging mental awareness. If someone desires to undergo a spiritual awakening, they must understand this fact carefully. Obviously, the pattern of the mental health changes you spiritually wake up and overcome with the human ego. Causes of awakening can have different reasons like death of a loved person.

How to start Awaken process or spiritual awakening processes?

We have brought you the simple steps for awakening. Awakening occurs after the long period of the cycle. A list of the steps given below follows each step carefully as this time you are on a different journey, and it may be one of the difficult tasks for someone who is influenced by this world.

Maintain cleanliness: – This is the first step of the awakening process. Clean your room and the places where you spend most of your time. Cleanliness is directly proportional to peace.

Promote spiritual growth: – It is one of the vital steps to start the journey. Change your beliefs. Believe in yourself and feel the energy you have inside you.

Change the belief system, which you believe since your childhood. Think as if you are dreaming.

Of course, come out of yourself and think that you see yourself as someone else. Do not believe in the thoughts that may build negativity and encourage you to stop right there.

Be honest to yourself: – As a mater of fact, everything that happens in your daily life should be in front of you like clean water. Even though you have cheated the peoples, don’t fool yourself here. Follow the spiritual guidance honestly.

Focus on yourself:- Eat a healthy diet, take care of both physical and mental health. When you stay healthy, both physically and mentally, half of your work is done. As the researchers say, mental health has more influence as compared to physical one.

Experience nature: – Visit the places that will take you one step closer to nature and find peace. Experience nature and feel that peace of soul. While doing this, remember not to think about the negativity caused in your daily life.

Starting letting go the things:- Let go of the items that cannot be related to you. Focus on the things which make a difference for you. Change your thought pattern.

Innovative thinking:- Try to explore your mind with different ideas. Reading books will also help you to develop your think. In this pandemic situation, there are online lectures held for the thinking process. Also, you can prefer you-tube videos for it.

Do not overthink:- Thinking is good only till you don’t overthink. If you overthink, you will see that conditions are becoming worst.

What are the signs and symptoms?

Signs and symptoms may depend on the various incidents that took place in someone’s life. We have discussed some of the regular signs that are listed below.

Change in intuitions:- you will see that you are focusing less on the people who try to put you down. You will understand the intention behind the words of people.

Distracted from the outer world: – you will focus more on nature ad get distracted from the regular busy day.

Aversion to bad things:- You will eventually feel less interested in gossips and bad things. You will also stop judging people according to their behaviours.

More energy:- While doing any work, you will feel more confident and energetic. You will not get bored with doing your job. Your comfort zone will also increase.

No death fear:- There will be no fear in you. Even the fear of death will not exist in you.

More conscious:- Try to compare yourself with the older version of you. You will find that you become more prone to adjustments of mentality.

Heightened awareness of mental things:-  Your Mental power will go to the next level. You will have a great understanding of your psyche.

You will live in presence: You will let your past go and work i the reality for the future that can impact your future.

Increased peace: – You will not get angry about silly things like others do. There will be no anxiety and depression, even if something happens in your life.

Promote unity:- You will always try to unite the people and focus on the keyword “we” rather than “I.”

Inner freedom:- Your brain will feel that you are free from all responsibilities till time. This will increase your inner space.

Negative Points of awakening

1) You will feel that everyone in this world are wrong, and I am the only right person. We will start correcting the people for no reason. If they are right, we will think that we are only right.

2) This is the most giant trap here. You will start feeling like you are the perfectionist who has to awaken spiritually.

3) Some people may act nice or show everyone as if they are innocent. Remember one thing that acting doesn’t mean that you spiritually awaken. You have to be innocent from inside.

4) You will start to cry at ordinary things. Even when you get emotional, you will feel like crying.

5) Sometimes you will get allergies regarding the food you never had before. You will see that you have become very sensitive to the different things around you. You can also get eczema on your hands and fit but in rare cases.

6) You will have dreams that you can control, or you can say lucid dreams when you wake up in confusion as something happened.

7) You may start ignoring the person who loves you. Be sure that you give importance to the one who cares for you.

8) Sometimes you will feel dizziness when you are off the ground.

9) Your brain may provide a slight call to the memories, or you can feel the nostalgia.

10) You will notice the changes in the choice that you make. In some cases, you lose the interest in things which entertains you the most.

11) As spirits do not know the genders, relation, castes, you will get the sense of oneness. Fear of death will no longer be in existence.

What after waking

After waking up, you have become a different person, or you can also say that the better version of yourself. You will have full control of your thoughts and emotions. This is possible only if you have wake up acting like it won’t give these results.

You will be having spiritual growth for an extended period. There will be no grief about the bad things of life.


We have understood the positive and negative aspects of spiritual awakening. You can also read the poem named “dark night of the soul” which deals with the spirits. We have covered almost everything about the spirits.

Before doing anything, understand the pros and cons of everything and take guidance related to spirits. Detailed knowledge of these things are recommended. Practicing, this is not easy, and it is also a lengthy process. You cannot suddenly wake up spiritually.

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