How To Sleep With Curly Hair

Curly or Messy Hairs in today’s generations is one of the significant problems for both Men and Women. In today’s dynamic world, taking care of them is most important rather than regular hairs. For curly hairs, the weather also plays an important role. Unlike straight ones, curly hairs lose its moisture and become dry quickly. 

You can also feel messy on top of your head.

For this particular post, we discuss here for the fundamental problems as well as the solution of curly or messy hairs. So when it comes to the curly hair, it depends upon the hair follicles. The people having curly hairs have oval follicles, of course, it’s in his or her genetics. You cannot do anything to that, but you can take good care of them to look even more attractive.

Taking care of hairs becomes easy when you are awake, but what when you are asleep. Below we are sharing you the tip on how to sleep comfortably with messy hairs.

The solution to Preserve your curls more efficiently:-

1) Use Multi Pineapple trick: –

You can do the hair tie procedure with a cotton scrunchie. Be sure to use a good scrunchie or satin rather than a local one. Hairs should not come out of it. Don’t use a regular hair elastic as it may lead to loss of your hair.

Tie it using multi pineapple if you don’t think your hairs are long enough to tie in pineapple way. You gather hairs upside on your head and secure with cotton scrunchie or satin don’t pull your hair hard, do it softly taking care of them.

2) Using French Braid: –

Among all the braiding styles of hair, French Braid is the best for curly or messy hairs. This type of braiding takes some time for curls, but it is the most recommended technique to tie your curls.

3) Perfect sleeping position: – 

Sleeping at night with the best part also gives your curls to stay healthy. Be sure to sleep on one side or even you can say that sleeping on one side. don’t let your follicles directly touch the bed hence sleep on one side.

4) Satin Bonnet: –

Many hair specialist doctors often recommend using the satin bonnet to take good care of your hair. Bonnet covers your whole hairs which provide full protection to your hair follicles. The person who has severe hair loss problem always uses the satin bonnet.

5) Satin pillowcase:-

When you toss and turn your body, direct contact of hair follicles may result in loss of hair. Hence the usage of the satin pillowcase will be more efficient as it is soft and will not damage your hair follicles. Don’t use the regular harder pillows or your hair might be comfortable.

6) Tie your hair manually:-

When it comes to the hair care to avoid the loss of hair at night, you can use the loose bun. Please make sure the bun should not be too tight; it should be flexible enough to adjust itself when you are asleep.

7) Bobby pins:-

After twisting your hair or doing French braid be sure to use the bobby pins. Bobby pins help to keep your hair structure to the point of neat. In this world, bobby pins are the most sold product than any other product while talking about the hairs.

8 ) Washing hairs:- 

If your day was busy and your condition of the hair was awful then be sure to wash all the sections of hair. Be sure to use the microfiber towel for your wet hair. Use shampoos to wash your hairs but don’t over shampoo it or your curls might become weak.

Some other tips to take care of your curl pattern:- 

Plopping technique: –

Of course, the plopping may complete after washing your hairs. Plopping means bending your head down to the ground and let your hairs hang. It is essential to keep the shape of your natural curl defined. In ancient time, Women’s always used plopping technique for their hairs. Plopping also increases the blood flow in your head, which is essential for the growth of the hair.

Using conditioners: –

Apply conditioner to your hairs once in 3-4 days. Let your hairs leave-in conditioner for some time it is also efficient for wavy hair.

A regular check for split ends: –

 Always check whether your hairs have split ends. If you have broken lots, cut them by going to a salon. Curly hairs which have less moisture still generates the split ends so be sure to cut them regularly.

Stay away from heat:-

Stay away from the tools which is high in heat as for your curls heat is your biggest enemy.

Oil your curls: – 

For curls process of hydrating itself won’t be easy as natural oil doesn’t come to the end of the hairs. Hence oil your hair when they are dehydrated.

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