Ways to make your nose smaller using toothpaste and other methods

How to make a nose smaller with toothpaste and other tactics?

Every person on this earth has a unique face (except for completely identical twins) and the uniqueness of a face comes due to its features. The human nose plays an important part in providing you with the look that you hold and its size and shape are the primary parameters in defining your beauty. A bigger nose may make you look beautiful if it suits your face cut, but if it doesn’t suit then you may want to reduce your nose size naturally.

Knowing the benefits of a reduced nose size

Why would one want to reduce the nose size when this is the natural size you are gifted with? The reason is simple; it makes your face look the way you want and has the following benefits-

  • It changes the way you look and gives you an option to get that ideal face structure you want.
  • If you have disliked your oversized nose for a long time, a smaller nose size will boost the way you look and hence will make you happier.
  • It will improve your self-confidence because once you achieve your dream face, you get filled with confidence.

The benefits are mostly linked to the way you will perceive this change in your face. We will discuss the disadvantages as well, but before that let us check how you can get a smaller nose.

Going for a small nose – unnaturally

If a smaller nose is what you want and you want it immediately then you are probably not looking for the natural means to do it. The option you are probably going to choose is going for nose surgery. Surgery can help you get the right shape and size of the nose. There are various surgeons available these days that specialize in nose surgery and will flawlessly do their job to give you the face of your choice.

You need to know the disadvantage of getting a Nose surgery

  • You may feel trouble in breathing due to the surgery.
  • In a very rare but possible scenario, the surgery may go wrong and you may not get the desired results.
  • You will be given anesthesia and may have the risks that are associated with anesthesia.
  • Your wound may take time to heal and you will have to bear with it.
  • You would need to consider the monetary spending associated with surgery as it may disturb your budget.

The above disadvantages may not apply to all but you need to know them before taking a shot at nose surgery.

After looking into the unnatural process it is now time to go through the natural process of reducing nose size.

Natural ways to achieve a reduction in nose size

There are some natural ways to reduce your nose size which you can try at your home.

  1. The first way is to start doing an exercise meant specifically to reduce your nose size, let us look at some of them-
  • In this exercise, hold your nose bridge with the help of your middle finger and then press your nose with the index finger gently for a couple of minutes. Keep taking deep breaths and repeat this exercise 10 times, and ensure you do it daily to start seeing the impact.
  1. The second way is by using toothpaste to gradually reduce the size of your nose. Yes, you heard it right, toothpaste for nose size reduction is one home remedy we are going to talk about now-
  • Take a teaspoon of the toothpaste which you normally use as there is no particular compulsion on the type of toothpaste you need to use here.
  • As the next ingredient, you need to take a spoonful of ginger powder.
  • The final ingredient is apple cider vinegar and you need just a teaspoon of it.

Creating the super mixture for a gorgeous nose

  • Mix the three important ingredients in a bowl and mix them properly with the help of a face brush.
  • As a next step apply this paste on your nose properly and ensure to apply a double layer of paste at least on your nose.
  • It is time to let the paste dry on your nose for it to start its work.
  • Finally, you can rinse it off with the help of cold water or apple cider vinegar-based on your preference.

The duration for which you need to follow for this natural way-

This is a simple do it yourself procedure which can be easily followed. So, do not forget to apply it daily to get great results. One time daily application of this paste along with the exercise mentioned above will help your nose get into a proper shape and will start resulting in a smaller nose for you. You need to follow the above for at least a month to see some visible difference in your nose size. However, if you do not find any difference in your size at all chances are that your nose is more firm and needs more time and exercise to settle into the new shape.


A nose is an important part of the face and makes the identity of a person’s face. It is important to take proper care of your nose as you do for the rest of your face. You can work on getting your expected nose size either through natural or unnatural means but make sure that you do not stress too much in either case.

Believe me, you look beautiful with your natural nose structure but if you want to get your favorite nose size, you can follow the exercise and natural procedure mentioned above.

You can also go through surgery if you want a specific nose size and can’t wait to do it naturally. But do remember, surgery can have its disadvantages and you need to be sure you understand them well enough before saying yes to surgery. I hope you get the size and shape of your nose that your face deserves for that excellent look. At finally you may check out our past top 6 yoga exercises and how to reduce face fat article so far.

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