How to look like a baddie – Explained

Things You Should Know About How To Look Like A Baddie

Baddie meaning

Of course, the baddie is the famous babe with excellent looks and trendy fashions. Baddies are always confident, and many of them are an influencer with lots of followers.

The meaning of baddie in dictionaries may be the villain, but we are talking about the influencer. Here we are not talking about villains, but on the contrary, we are talking about the people who have a famous lifestyle.

There are specific terms which you to follow to become baddie. Nowadays, there are many Instagram baddies. People often follow them for the latest fashions. Becoming baddie depends on the baddie outfit, the follower of the latest trends, etc.

Outfit tips for the baddie

The outfit is the vital part when you want to become the baddie. It would be best if you always focused on trending fashion wears.

Two-piece clothes: – 

Obviously, wear two-piece garments as they are suitable for photo-shoots. You may have noticed that many influencers wear two-piece clothes as it creates the extraordinary impact on people who follows them.

Wear effortless clothes: – 

do not wear clothes which make you struggle. Wear clothes which are comfortable for you to wear and also easy to pretend comfortable.

Hot wears: – 

Wear short shirts rather than the tight don’t stress you for being the baddie. It would be best if you tried wearing mini T-shirts or crop tops with high waist jeans.

Use suitable accessories: – 

Use goggles, hats, jewellery which are easy to catch by the eyes of people.

Fill your wardrobe: – 

We have seen many baddies showing up their wardrobe for no reason. If you have outfits that you don’t wear, try to put it in your wardrobe even when you hate it.

Match it up: – 

Use matching sets of clothes. Whatever you wear, make sure it matches with all your other kinds of stuff.

Baddie make-up tips

Now, making-up is a must in baddies. If you don’t do make-up, then there is no point of thinking that you can either be a baddie. For better knowledge of make-ups, you can also study the topic of baddie aesthetics.

Good charming face: – 

A good face is always appreciated in every field. Looking good will also increase your confidence to speak up among the people. Try to use beauty products that can make your face glow and use regular face packs.

Bronze up: – 

Use branded and fluffy brush for applying bronzer. Applying bronze will make your cheekbones chiselled.

Beautiful eyes: – 

Use eyeliners to make your eyes look beautiful. Do not over apply the eyeliner else you may not look that good. You can also try eye shadow palettes of L’Oréal for more beauty.

Lashes are must: – 

Cover your lashes with good company mascara which will give you fringe effect.

Hairstyles: – 

Always use different hairstyles as it becomes eye-catchy for the audience. Take good care of your hairs by using shampoos and conditioners. You can also search for extra hair tips on the internet.

Crazy lips: –

Lips are the most attractive part when you are baddie and are prone to the camera. You should make sure that they are matte and subtle. Use the lipsticks according to your outfits and styles.

Other important tips
Fitness: – 

Make your body shape looks attractive. You can follow the daily exercises like cardio, gym, and weight training to maintain your body’s shape.

Social media: – 

Engage your audience with everything you do in your daily life. Share some tips or tricks about your lifestyle that will create interest in them to follow you.

Be simple: – 

Do not act as you are baddie and don’t do the show-off that you are baddie just chill and maintain a good attitude.

Look at others: – 

Inspire from other famous personalities like Kylie Jenner to start your journey. There are many Instagram baddies, which you can follow and create accordingly.


We have focused on the topic of a baddie and what baddie means is also explained. Some make-up tips are provided to you so that you can start your journey with beauty. What other things are essential for being baddie is also elaborated in the above post.

If you don’t have a fair complexion, you can still be baddie so don’t feel less confident with your face.

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