How to improve egg quality? How to enhance the pregnancy chances and fertility rate

How to improve egg quality? How to enhance the pregnancy chances and fertility rate

To improve your fertility potential is as equally important as to keep your overall health good. Because healthy eggs can lead to pregnancy.

So here are some tips to enhance your fertility potential as well as egg quality.

1) Avoid smoking, caffeine as well as alcohol

Women are born with specific number of eggs in their whole life and the number of eggs declines in women over 30 so it is vital to keep eggs healthy and henceforth keep the eggs away from any type of chemicals.

For fertility enhancement, Good egg quality plays an important factor. There are some chemical in this narcotic which reacts with nucleic matter of egg cell and change the genetic structure of the eggs and make them unsuitable for fertilization.

2) Enrich yourself with supplements

Some research shows that taking fertility supplements may enhance egg quality and fertility rate. But there are many cases shows that using fertility supplements may also damage the egg.

However study also shows that taking cost-effective antioxidant enzymes such as Coenzyme Q10, melatonin. And other nutrients such as fish oil( EPA/DHA), vitamin A and E  improve egg health and fertilization rate.

Coenzyme Q10 can help in enhancing mitochondrial function.

Melatonin helps in encouraging ovarian function as well as helps in aid in sleep.

Fish oil (EPA/DHA) can be used for the function of reproduction system in women over 30.

3) Management of stress

Yoga, meditation, exercise as well as acupuncture has shown to reduce the stress. A warm bath has also shown to reduce the stress as well frustration.

One should not use wine to reduce stress as it may be harmful to egg health and hence may decrease the egg quality.

There are stress inducing hormones such as cortisol and prolactin that can disturb or prevent the process of ovulation, which also blocks the process of egg production. Hence it is important to manage stress to improve the chances of pregnancy.

4) Well-balanced diet

For improving egg quality and egg health it is important to eat vitamin-packed food like dark leafy green, spinach and kale, and antioxidant food like blueberries might help

Eat plenty of organic foods such as leafy greens, whole grains, lean meats, nuts, fresh vegetables and fruits. One should avoid food having more salt and sugar , refined carbs and meat.

5) enhancing poor hormonal condition

Many women shows to suffer from a condition called Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Polycystic ovary syndrome is a condition related to poor egg quality and which prevent release of egg.

Myo-inositol which is form of inositol support healthy ovarian function by modulating presence of insulin in the body. However study also shows that Myo-inositol includes the nutrients for support of healthy ovulation, proper cell division and implantation of fertilized eggs.

6) Hormone treatment

Fertility treatment like in-vitro fertilization uses hormone treatment to produce more eggs in one menstrual cycle. IVF increases the chances of finding some healthy eggs but does not enhance the quality of eggs.

7) Freeze your eggs

With increase in age, women’s ability to produce healthy eggs declines. But frozen eggs maintain the biological age of eggs as same as when they are freeze and preserved for future perspectives

Freezing of eggs plays a key role if you are planning on delaying your motherhood as it stop biological clock and hence protect your fertility future.

8) Achieving recommended BMI for pregnancy

Various alterations in mitochondrial function and oxidative stress elevation because of obesity has shown to lower the health of eggs.Obesity not only disrupt your hormonal balance but it can disrupt ovulation as well.

The recommended body mass index (BMI) for a woman to get pregnant is 18.5 to 24.9. In order to let you know what she looks like, a 5’6 inch woman has a normal BMI and a weight range of 115-154 pounds or lbs.

9) Enhancing the blood flow to ovaries 

Oxygen rich blood to the ovaries is important for keeping the good egg quality and egg health. Dehydration instantly reduced the amount of blood flow in body. so it is important that one should drink plenty of water (at least 64 OZ.)each and every day.

To enhance the blood flow, Yoga can be useful. And it is most healthy and relaxing way to maintain blood flow in body.

Lotus pose, child’s pose, reclining hero and seated ahead bend are some the Yoga poses which will surely enhance blood flow to the ovaries and henceforth improve fertility.

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