How to feel pretty all the time?

Introduction: –

We will talk deeply about a feeling of joy or prettiness from both inside and outside. Important things are how you feel from the inside. Many people have the mentality that if your looks are right, then only you can raise your head in society, but on the contrary, you need confidence in yourself to prove yourself.

People feel bad when they have dark complexion and lose their abilities because of their looks, and sometimes these things may impact their whole life. Everyone should understand that looks don’t mean everything. Your dedicated efforts mean a lot.

How to feel pretty in both inside and outside?

Inside prettiness tips to feel beautiful

These are some tips which will make you feel a better person from the inside you can also say it from inner you. If you want to be a better person, these tips are a must to follow.

Feel more confident: – 

In the morning, when you wake up, look at yourself and say that you are happy and don’t need to prove to everyone that. Improve the skills which you have that will boost your confidence among the people.

Improve yourself: –

 Invest your precious time in improving yourself. Remember that your attitude will make more impact on society.

Ignore negativity: – 

If you have people who judge you on your looks, start ignoring them and be with the people who love you for your kindness and not the looks.

Stop judging yourself: – 

Give yourself time to understand the real you. Don’t judge yourself because of the wrong things around you. When everyone hates you, you are the one who can trust in yourself.

Motivational stories: – 

Read the motivational stories of people who don’t have looks but still ruling the world. You can also take the example of Barack Obama that how successful he was.

Make the personality: – 

Exercise daily and maintain the physic. Now physic is something that anyone can achieve. You only need hard-work for it. Exercising releases endorphins, which will make you feel at ease and also build self-confidence.

Meditations: – 

Meditation is essential for your mental health. however, meditation will improve concentration power, which will help you reach your goals. You can take the subscription to online sessions provided by many institutes.

Follow the right people: –

We often make mistakes by listening to the wrong person. Make the right person your idol and try to take inspiration from them. Read their stories and follow the paths of them.

Stop comparison: – 

Do not compare yourself with other people who look beautiful than you. Remember that your comparison is with you only, so comparing yourself with others doesn’t make sense when you want to live a happy life.

Outside prettiness tips

After talking about the inside happiness, we will move forward to the outside one. These things include the outfit, your appearance, and how you present yourself in front of others. Sometimes you don’t need rich looks. You only need to change your appearance to look attractive.

Wear perfect clothes: – 

If you are fat, you should try wearing loose clothes that suit your personality. You should first research the type of clothes that will suit your body type and go forward with it.

Make-ups: – 

Making up makes your skin glow. If you have a little dull skin tone by make-up, you can see immediate results as it increases the contrast of your tone. Choose your beauty products wisely by doing a short study of aesthetics. Also, you can wear sunscreens to prevent skin from becoming tan.

Hairstyle: –

Choose your hairstyle according to your personality. Very first thing is to understand the type of hair you have and which style will be best for your hair. There are different hairstyles for curly hairs and different hairstyles for straight hairs.

Understand yourself: – 

Give yourself time to understand what is best and what is worst for you. Focus on the things that suit you well. Go to the nature visits where you feel the peace.

Home remedies: –

You can try various home remedies for looking good. There are thousands of tricks and tips available on the internet that can glow your skin.

Behavior: –

You should always be kind and pleasant to be attractive. You can help many peoples and try to acquire good relations with them. When you have a beautiful heart, your looks are always neglected. Studies and surveys also prove this.

Attractiveness: –

Eye if the beholder consists of true beauty. Various culture has various definitions of beauty what makes you feel comfortable and happy go towards it.

Other tips to feel beautiful

Apart from being pretty from outside and inside, you can also try these tricks and tips which will upgrade you from the current you.

Observation: – 

Try to observe people and learn something new from them. There are many people with knowledge that talk to them and learn from them.

Talk with your family: 

When the whole world is against you, your parents are always ready to support you and guide you. If you any have kind of problem take advice from your parents.

Make good friends: –

According to the studies, you are the average of five-person with whom you spend most of your time. So choose your friends wisely before you make them friends check if they are your friend or use you for fun.

Shift your interest: 

If you shift your interest from social media to knowledgeable things, it will improve your personality and increase knowledge.

Money over beauty: –

We have always seen that money comes first. Whether it is beauty or anything else, so rather than focusing on beauty, focus on your career, which will help you earn.

Meet similar people: –

Meet people who are facing the same problem. In this case, you both will be able to entertain each other.


For this article, we discussed inner beauty and outer beauty.  In my point of view, real beauty is inner beauty.  All the answers to the questions are given above. We have also shared with you some extra tips that can help in your journey.

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