How To Crack Your Neck Is Not Rocket Science! Learn Them Now!

Joint cracking is a common habit for many of us. Apart from neck, we also crack backs, figures, toes, and knuckles. But for the same reason, not all of us do so. Some prefer popping or cracking for the sake of strain in response to stress.

It will not do any damage when cracking your neck softly. Crack it regularly, but doing it wrongly, too often, or too violently will potentially cause more pain or irritation than you felt before cracking your neck.

Simple Guidance For You In How To Crack Your Neck

Cracking or popping neck will give you relief for some time. Still, it is generally better to enable your sore or stiff neck to be handled by a licensed chiropractor, osteopath, or other physical therapists.

Cracking sound Explained

When you pop or crack, there is an organ named capsule which gets stretched. These capsules contain fluid, and extending them allows less pressure to be exerted on the joint by the fluid. The fluids in the joint transform to gas as the pressure reduces.

It makes a popping noise as the fluid transforms into gas bubbles. When any movement has done in your neck, it also affects the tendons and ligaments when a joint turns, which are the fibres linking the bones and neck muscles in the joint.

The best method for cracking your neck by yourself.

1) Before you start, lose the muscles of your neck. Before you begin to help extend and relax the neck, rub your neck, massage, or even stretch a couple of necks. Look at the downward direction that your chin will be down for 15-20 seconds, and then look towards the upward direction for another 15-20 seconds. Lose your neck muscles by doing this 4-5 times.

2) Cup your cheek in your left hand’s palm. You can also make the cup of hands by bending the fingers and hold the hand so that it will be hollow by the side. Your fingertips must reach to the left side of your face and nearly hit the cheekbone of your face.

3) Swing with the right hand around the back of the head. You can also bend the right arm for the comfort of hand when it on the backside.

4) For rotating the head anti-clockwise, look to the left direction hence chin is in the left direction. Rotate your head between your hands softly but firmly towards the left. Put your head at the back hence fist will be on the backside, Move your chin in a round direction to the left side. Continue to stretch the muscles of the neck gently until they are wholly extended but not overstretched.

5) By changing the position of your palm, crack the right side of the neck.

Recommendation or advice for neck pain.

Never let anyone break your neck other than a trained practitioner (i.e., a chiropractor, osteopath, or physiotherapist/physical therapist). When you crack your neck, there is a range of motion. You can feel how much pressure is necessary and say whether you use too much pressure or start causing pain. If someone else tries to crack the neck, they don’t know the exact pressure required. Never try to break the neck of someone else for this purpose.

Specialists use fewer force tools for stretching of spinal manipulation. They will often use an “activator,” a small metal tool that applies explicitly force to one vertebra.


  • Blood clotting.
  • Stroke.
  • Lack of Mobility.
  • Osteoarthritis.


  • Neck pain.
  • Lower back pain.
  • Migraine.
  • Headache.

Cracking your neck gives you relief from many pains and stress. Also, it is not safe in some cases. Doing some exercise can solve your, bend your chin down towards your sternum and keep it in place for 20 seconds, then lift your head for another 20 seconds and stare up at the ceiling. Cup your cheek in your left hand’s palm. Rotate your head between your hands softly but firmly towards the left. Never let anyone break your neck other than a trained practitioner.

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