How Much Time It Takes To Use A Straw- Wisdom teeth Recovery Timeline

Need To Know How Long After Wisdom Teeth Can I Use a Straw?

Most people counter wisdom teeth approximately between the age of 18-21. Wisdom teeth are known as back molars also. Apart from this, when the adult teeth come, it causes many problems. So, some people choose to visit a dental clinic and undergo outpatient oral surgery.

Well, experiencing back molars is a very common thing since it might include it as a part of development. The recovery of wisdom teeth is basically depended upon the person to person’s health and the space in their jaws. But usually, it takes one week. During the time of surgery, the dentist will extract the adult teeth from the root. And you will face a very painful condition that you have to bear.

What happens during that one week of wisdom teeth recovery?

1) Well, in the first 24 hours, the swelling starts to begin, and blood clots will form.

2) However, in the next 2-3 days, you will notice that the swelling is decreasing. When it comes to pain, then it will lessen, but the risk of alveolar osteitis goes higher.

3) Between 4-7 days, the severe pain you have countered in the starting period should eliminate, and the bruises form. Also, the danger of dry socket goes down. The day after the 4th, you will get back to normal condition; however, you can use a straw after a period of two weeks.

Things to do after the removal of wisdom teeth

#1. Clean your mouth properly

Clean your mouth image

No doubt that wisdom tooth extraction might be considered a common thing. But above all, it is a medical operation. Therefore, you should not avoid keeping the location of operation hygiene and safe as well from infection.

You must brush your teeth at night (the same as your surgery day). Nevertheless, do not rinse your mouth until the day after. What to do next? During the recovery time, take a cup of warm water with a mixture of one teaspoon salt. For the same, you have to rinse gently with warm water, mainly after having meals.

#2. Take medicines

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Have you had wisdom teeth surgery now? If yes, then you should keep in mind that taking medications is an important part of recovery. Bearing chronic pain is really the worst thing. So to alleviate it, pain relief is the best option for you. The thing is that after back molars extraction, you will experience some pain on the operational site; therefore, intake pain relief to mitigate the irritating pain. The dentist always suggests an antibiotic pill to heal the wound properly, so take that accordingly.

#3. Diet plan

Diet Plan Sample Image

Eating well and staying hydrated should be your first priority to recover the wound. If you do not have any idea about what to do after the wisdom tooth removal so ask your dentist for specific instructions. Remember you have to follow the instructions as the doctor prescribed for the time of recovery period. Only intake that food which you can eat easily without suffering from pain or much chewing. Make sure that the food you will eat will not dislodge the blood clot. You should start with very light food like soup, smoothies, bread with milk and so on.

The Final Verdict

Nowadays, the majority of people are facing a hectic schedule, and because of this, they try to forget many things like oral health issues, a healthy diet, etc. If you are one of them, then you have to be an overall fit individual. Apart from what to intake, you should also know what needs to be avoided just after wisdom teeth removal. So, do not smoke, take alcohol, drink through a straw, and blow your nose too.

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