How much amount of water consumption our body needs daily?

Do you know exactly how many liters of water to drink per day?

Research says that normally people should drink 8 glasses ( 2 liters) of water every day and this is very important for health but again another research says that 8 glasses of water is not enough. Men should drink 13 glasses of water and the woman should drink 9 glasses of water, and people should drink water according to their work schedule. Some people have a traveling job, some others having office jobs and we drink water according to our body necessities. As we know the human body is made of 70% of water and how many glasses of water we should drink depends upon the factor our age, gender and what type of activities we are doing in a day. If we are doing more physical work like cycling, exercises and hard work then clearly our body needs more water. If there are women to get pregnant then she needs more water. Lots of reasons are there to discuss water intake.

According to the doctors, age and gender is also the reason for water intake like kids of 4-12 years of age, they need 5-7 glasses of water, the adolescent needs 7-9 glasses of water and males generally require 12 glasses of water, females require 9 glasses of water. The same pregnant woman requires 10 glasses of water and the woman who is breastfeeding their kids’ needs around 13 glasses of water. So, water intake depends upon various factors. Water is the only source that doesn’t contain any carbohydrates in it and without helps to flush out all the toxins from our body. So, for maintaining all our body system water is very important and we should drink it wisely.

Why does our body need water – The essential ingredient for our body’s health?

Many people don’t know why we get thirsty or why our body needs water? The reason to get thirsty is the water plays an important role in the proper functioning of our body, and it takes all the essential vitamins and minerals in our body parts. Water is like a transport which takes minerals from one place to another. So when body functioning is going smoothly with water and water starts to end then we get thirsty and we have to drink water. It regulates our body temperature and adds glow to the skin. Also, it has no carbohydrates, and that is why water also helps us to sudden weight loss if we know the proper way to drink it.

Important Benefits of water

  1. Water helps in maintaining body temperature as it cools down the blood pressure.
  2. It also acts as a lubricator for all our body joints so that our joints can work properly.
  3. Water has no carbohydrates in it so it helps in losing body fat and makes you fit and it’s the healthiest ingredients to burning our body fat.
  4. If you drink a sufficient amount of water daily then it enhances the beauty and makes you healthy.
  5. Water keeps your body and its organs hydrated and keep you healthy.
  6. It helps in flushing out all the unnecessary toxins from your body through the way of urine, sweating and increases the efficiency of your pancreas.
  7. Water protects our backbone and tissues and works as a protective layer for our bodies.
  8. We have discussed earlier how many liters of water we should drink in a day?

What is the perfect timing to drink water so that water can benefit our bodies?

When we wake up in the morning then we should drink 2 glasses of Luke warm water, you can add 1/2 of lemon in it.

40 minutes before breakfast and 40 minutes after breakfast, we should drink water.

Around noon we should drink water and then before 40 minutes of lunch and 40 minutes after lunch, we should drink water.

Around 4:00 PM, again we should drink 1 glass of water.

And again we should follow the same water drinking formula we should apply. Then again before sleeping in the night, we should drink 1 glass of Luke warm water. It would help to throw out all the toxins from the body.

One more point we can add, whenever we go to pass urine after that we can drink 1 cup of water, it will keep hydrated our body.

Water’s benefit for the body

1) Water Saves from dehydration

Dehydration occurs when there are a lack of water in our body, symptoms like feeling tiredness, feeling thirsty all the time, and there is a pain when you pass the urine out. These are the symptoms of dehydration and we should drink plenty of water when these symptoms occur or to avoid dehydration.

2) Helps in controlling blood pressure

Water regulates body heat as water helps in regulating the blood pressure and keeps our heart healthy and helps in the proper blood circulation in the body.

3) Water helps in losing extra body fat

By following the above method of drinking water, we can lose some extra pounds as water is free from carbohydrates.

4) Water makes our skin glowing and healthy

Water flushes out all the toxins from our body and makes our body look shiny and healthy.

Other benefits

Water has several other health benefits for the body like it reduces hair fall, prevents heart diseases, makes skin look younger and other body benefits for the body. So, for a healthier body and a healthier lifestyle, we should regularly drink water throughout the day.


Hence, water is a magical drink; we don’t value it much because we are getting it for free. Water has several health benefits and is so important in life that we cannot imagine our life without water. Not only for human being but also environment, animals and every creature on the earth, water is important to get alive. Per day 2-3 liters of water is important for everyone, as quantity depends upon the bodyweight of the person. We should divide the bodyweight to 30 and according to that, we should drink water. If we want to be healthy then water is the first remedy as it prevents various diseases. The human body contains 70% of water and we should maintain this quantity in the body to avoid dehydration. after all, feel free to refer and know about the benefits and side effects of the mango fruit article so far.

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