How Many Tablespoons Is A Shot Of Whiskey?

There are many tips and tricks by which you can measure a shot of whiskey just in a second. You might find it tricky at first, but you will end up finding good results. It is seen that most people love to try whiskey shots whenever they go to parties. One of the best reasons behind this is good taste. One can try a shot of it with ice, without ice, or with lemon.

Of course, here there is no proper size for a single shot. However, one-shot is typically defined as 1.5 Us fl oz. So if we talk about the standard size of a shot in the Us, then it is quite recorded to 1.25- 1.5 US fl oz (37 -44ml). They might be considered two fluid ounces. Or more in the US when it comes to double shots. If you want to know how many tablespoons are in a shot then you should read the following paragraphs carefully.

5 Fantastic Ways To Know How Many Tablespoons is a shot of whiskey?

#1. Try plastic cups

In the market, you can find different types of measuring cups by which you can measure the volume of a single shot at ease. Such cups are designed in a way that anyone can use and address the quantity of a liquid or a powder. When you use a plastic cup, it is come up with a specific measurement printed on its side.

Moreover, the best part about using cups is that they are available in different liquid conversion charts that vary from ml to oz. Using such a feature helps you a lot to estimate the amount of whiskey.

#2. Use tablespoon

If you are the one who is seeking a precise tool that can measure your favourite whiskey flavours, a measuring spoon fits best here. The thing is that when you go out to shop these spoons, they are already marked with a measurement scale. Therefore, you do not have to calculate the volume of your spirit in your phone or mind.

Aside from this, even if you don’t have a shot glass. You can find the exact amount of whiskey by using a tablespoon.

#3. Measure shot with a medicine cup

Do you still remember your childhood days when you had to take liquid medicine when you were ill? If yes, you can also measure the quantity of your drink by using a medicine cup. The thing is that this particular cup is available all over the world. So, you can purchase it according to your preference.

Basically, when you fill the cup, its volume is 1.5 oz shot, which is considered a standard size. Furthermore, it depends on how much liquor you want to intake.

#4. Do free pour

Have you ever gone to a bar? If yes, then you have seen that a professional bartender knows varieties of methods to pour liquors. But usually, bartenders adapt and show those methods that will amaze the audience, like free pour. This is one of the most widely used optimal methods.

In the beginning, maybe it is quite arduous to learn this particular method. But by regular practice, it is not a hard nut to crack. Ingrain pouring skills by making use of a bottle of water. It will be fun to start pouring the glass by counting 1, 2, 3, 4.

#5. Adapt water displacement method

This method is one of the most difficult methods which requires a lot of effort to imbibe. However, with different strategies of the water displacement method, you can conveniently try and get a definite outcome. All you need to do is mark the top and bottom line of the homemade glass and pour whiskey according to your desire.

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