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how many eggs can i eat a day bodybuilding

The number of eggs your body needs every day while bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is an art that requires proper care and nourishment of the body. When we talk about bodybuilding our mind starts thinking of extreme exercises, running, and dieting. We hit the gym when we want to get rid of that extra flab around our tummy. And as we begin with our exercises, we start dreaming of six-packs immediately. But, we wonder how we should establish a good diet plan for ourselves that can complement our exercise plan. Our mind fills with a lot of doubts about a suitable diet and we start looking around for the solutions. One common doubt is about a very popular food that complements gym training and exercises, and that food option is an egg. How many eggs can I have in a day while going to the gym and trying to build our muscles? The answer to this question is different in different scenarios and we need to deeply understand a few things before concluding in this regard.

The secret benefits that a small egg holds in it – Benefits of eating an egg

Eggs have been there for long in a man’s breakfast plate and have several benefits. Eggs get digested quite easily and so your digestion system is very happy to process them. An egg consists of three parts, the first being the outer protective shell or the outer cover. An eggshell encloses the other two parts namely the egg white and the egg yolk. The egg white is what forms the chicken when the egg hatches and the egg yolk is what this chicken feeds on during formation. So, the egg yolk is rich in fats whereas the egg white is rich in proteins. Hence, an egg as a whole is very rich in fat and proteins and these two ingredients are very important for bodybuilding.

The relationship between bodybuilding and eggs – How do eggs come into the picture?

As explained above, an egg is rich in fat and protein and our body needs both of them. When we start bodybuilding, our primary aim is to build those strong muscles. The more muscles we have, the stronger we get and the more successful we are in bodybuilding. However, to form those muscles we need to have a good protein-rich diet. Proteins are the main constituent of your muscles and play a major role in strengthening them as well. Another important thing in bodybuilding is good fat which gives our body the required weight and energy. The good fat is our body’s fuel and the bad fat is our body’s enemy. When we eat junk food, bad fat accumulates in our body. Exercising helps in burning out this bad fat and in turn, makes us lose weight. However, our body needs good fat to keep energy levels high. An egg is a very good source of protein and good fat and due to this reason, it is highly recommended to those who do bodybuilding.

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What part of the egg is for you- The egg white or the egg yolk?

Now that we know the benefits of an egg and its relationship with bodybuilding, the next important question is in what form we should eat the eggs. There is always a debate on whether the egg yolk is good to eat or not while bodybuilding. The answer is that it depends on your body type. Are you that gentleman with a good lean body who wants to gain weight and muscles at the same time? If yes, then you need to focus on the entire egg which includes both egg whites and egg yolk. The egg white will cater to your muscle requirements while the egg yolk will bring you that weight. But, if you are a person with a good weight and build and are just looking to improve your muscles, egg white is the solution for you. You can ignore the egg yolk as it will just give you that extra fat which you don’t need.

In what form should you eat an egg?

Let us have a look into different forms in which one can satisfy his or her taste buds for eggs –

  • Full boiled or half-boiled eggs can be a good breakfast option to kick-start your day.
  • An omelet on your breakfast plate can be the tastiest available option for you.
  • Are you in a hurry to get those proteins inside you? Mix your egg liquid with your shake and gulp it. It may not help your taste buds but will give you a quick protein option.
  • You can have egg curry, egg rice or mix egg with other dishes for your afternoon meal.
  • Egg toasts and egg rolls are good options when you are dining out.

So, should you boil the egg, prepare an omelet, or just mix it in your shake and gulp? Eggs are eatable in many forms and you don’t have to eat them in a particular form. Whatever form you choose, you just need to ensure that you are fulfilling your body’s protein and fat requirements properly. More than the form, the number of eggs you eat is important for your health. So, let us now look into how many eggs you should eat to supplement your exercises.

How many eggs are sufficient for you in a day when you are bodybuilding?

The human race has been eating eggs for long and this question has been asked time and again. So, if you are also worried about this question, then calm down, we have an answer for you. Let us answer by busting some of the misconceptions that people have concerning eating eggs –

  1. In earlier days, people used to say that if you eat too many eggs, then your body will heat up and will feel some trouble. This is a myth and has been proven wrong by science so no need to worry about heat issues.
  2. Some people opine that taking anabolic steroids or too many eggs is the same thing. No, it is not, you can take as many eggs as you want but it will not have a steroid effect on you.
  3. Another important myth that has been there for long is that eggs are only for winters and not for summers. No, it is not true and you can have your favorite egg dish at any time of the year.
  4. One myth says, eating too many eggs will make you extremely fat. It is not true if you concentrate only on the egg whites and don’t eat egg yolks.

Eat eggs as per your body’s requirement – Everyone has a different diet need

So, your body’s capacity and your desired body shape should derive the number of eggs you should eat rather than anything else. Typically, bodybuilding people eat around 6 to 20 egg whites based on their body requirements. Those needing the fat part as well, eat 2 to 5 complete eggs in a day. So, you can consult with your gym trainer or your diet consultant to decide on the number of eggs that are suitable for your diet. Eating too little or much more than what is required by your body is not advisable.

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The cons of an egg – Do they exist or is it all a myth?

Do eggs also have their disadvantages or if it is all that your body needs? Well, excess of anything and everything is just plain bad, you can’t just have eggs all through the week. Your body needs different ingredients and your tongue wants to satisfy its taste buds. So, ensure that you mix up your diet as a balanced diet and fulfill your body’s requirements of different minerals and vitamins. Keep the following important points in mind when going for an egg oriented diet in place of your regular diet-

  1. You can eat as many eggs as your body needs but drinking eggs is usually not advisable. When you drink too much of egg liquid directly, you get prone to the disease called salmonella.
  2. These days steroids find their use everywhere so be cautious about this fact when you take eggs. It is highly recommended to take organic eggs instead of regular eggs to avoid any steroid-related diseases.
  3. When you are eating fried egg, or omelet, or egg curry, just remember these preparations use a good amount of oil. You may want to avoid oil if you are looking for good body shape.


There is nothing more important than good health and you need to earn a good physique as nobody can gift it to you. To own a good body you may start bodybuilding but you need to take care of your diet as well. Eggs and exercises complement each other as eggs provide the required protein to your body. So, you should include eggs in your daily diet plan and should exercise your way to strong muscles.

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