How long should you wait to donate blood after having a tattoo?

Today the drawing over the skin called tattoo is very popular among youngsters. Several types of tattoos are being made on the body and people just love to flaunt them. Tattoos are the designs on the skin with the use of some colorful ink, dyes, and pigments. A tattoo is the drawing that makes under the skin by using a needle with some colorful ink.

The two different types of tattoos– Getting marked for as long as you like

Tattoos are of two types one is temporary and the other type is permanent. Temporary tattoos are some makings over the skin and they can last a maximum of a week, permanent tattoos are made under the body and it lasts forever, it cannot remove.

The connection between a tattoo and blood donation – The safety clause

If you have got a tattoo recently, then you should avoid blood donation. To donate blood, your blood should be pure without any impurities in it.

After getting a tattoo you should wait for at least 6 months to 1 year because you may get some kind of infections or allergy because of the ink present in tattoo making.

Earlier tattoo making was a manual process and after every tattoo carving, the tattoo maker needs to change the needle after every carving.

But these days as a tattoo is the biggest hit and every youth’s choice, tattoo making machines are there in the market. They also change the needle before every tattoo carving.

The cons of getting tattooed – Are those carvings pure?

  • Multiple types of ink and dyes are available for tattoo making which increases the chances of infections and allergies. The needle after using once is not pure to use on other’s skin.
  • This is because there may be some bacteria or germs in somebody’s blood which transfer to others with the use of the same needle.
  • We should sterilize needles after every use so that the bacterium does not get transferred to another person’s body.
  • If you are following proper precautions only then you should get your tattoo done otherwise it is very unsafe and can lead to some serious diseases.
  • Some persons are having sensitive skin and they can get allergies on the skin because of chemicals that are present in tattoo making.
  • Dyes, pigments, colorful inks are using for tattoo making which looks beautiful but not very skin-friendly.
  • You can face some certain type of redness, itching, rashes or even fever after getting your tattoo done.

Reasons for not donating blood after tattoo

One should not donate blood at least for 6 months to 1 year after they get a tattoo because tattoo may come with many types of blood infections which can transfer into other person’s blood if we donate blood.

So, we should wait for some time for safety purposes. Nowadays tattoo trends are on its peak in youngsters, so when blood donation camps held on the college campuses or in companies then youngsters should get proper information about all the do’s and don’ts after marked a tattoo.

Here we are discussing some certain types of problems which can occur while having a tattoo and why we should not donate blood up to one year:

  • Fear of some kind of infection:

Sometimes, the ink which is present in tattoo making is not skin-friendly or the person’s skin is very sensitive.

In that case, a person can get some type of infections like redness, itching, fever, etc. So, we should be extra careful at the time of donating blood.

  • Fear of some serious diseases:

There are several diseases that our body can get if we will not sterilize the needles properly, or a used needle is using on your skin.

Then you can get HIV, hepatitis b, hepatitis c, and other diseases. That’s why doctors recommend not donating blood in this period.

Different possible ways in which you can be HIV infected(Opens in a new browser tab)

  • Fear of bacteria or some blood impurities:

If we will not sterilize the needle or there is some kind of problem in ink, then bacteria can enter into the skin and can make you sick.

If there are some strong chemicals in the ink or hygienic practices that are not in use then also we can get some infections in our body.

  • If the process is not hygienic:

If you are making your tattoo from some street site vendor or some local or untrained person then it could be harmful to you because tattoo needle goes under your skin to drop some ink, it directly comes in connect with blood and it’s very necessary to use of new needle after every tattoo. And the tattoo maker needs to wear gloves while making the tattoo and change it after every tattoo just like a needle.

There are two types of tattoos one is permanent and the other one is temporary.

Temporary tattoo is the one in which drawing is made over the skin and it is completely safe because there is not any connection with blood and this type of tattoo is going within a week.

The person with having temporary tattoos can donate blood, it is completely safe.

Another type of tattoo is a permanent tattoo in which needle goes under your skin and leaves the ink there, in this type of needle and ink both are in blood’s in this case, you should not donate blood up to a year or so as per doctor’s guidelines.


However tattoo making is not a big deal, many people are going through this process.

But there are some guidelines which everyone has to follow to donate blood because there are chances of some kind of infection or allergy which may get into trouble who is receiving the blood, so it is very important to take extra care while doing this responsible work.

We should always have a tattoo from state-recognized workshops or the shops which are under regulatory bodies because these are the shops that will keep in mind all the rules which should be followed while making tattoo and they have expertise in this field.

Otherwise, local vendors are doing this without any particular information and practice, and it could be dangerous.

Follow all the rules of blood donation and keep donating blood as it could save lives, stay healthy, be aware and get others aware.

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