How long does it take for vitamins to work? – Changes in body

How long does it take vitamins to work? This is one of the most common questions that come across in the mind when a doctor prescribes us vitamin capsules and supplements. After constant intake for days altogether, one becomes doubtful whether these vitamins supplements are really of any use. Actually, the working period of vitamins and minerals depends on many things. First, it is the nature of vitamins – fat soluble or water-soluble. Second, it is the level of deficiency that people are diagnosed with. Let’s find out through timeline of action how vitamins change our body for better.

How long does it take vitamins to work – a detailed pattern of changes

As a matter of fact, All nutrients including vitamins work in sync with each other to give holistic boost to health of a person. According to Food and Drug Administration regulations, there are limits prescribed for inclusion of all types of nutrients in daily diet. Moreover, when people fail to adhere to these nutritional norms, they develop deficiency diseases of various kinds. Patients suffering from poor diet deprived of vitamins normally exhibit symptoms like:

  1. Hormonal imbalances
  2. Body and joint pains
  3. Sluggishness or lethargic
  4. Weak immunity
  5. Common nutrient deficiencies like weak bones and brittle nails

So, to ensure that the normal life of a person is not disturbed due to poor intake of vitamins, the common medical advice is to put the patient on vitamin supplements. It is natural for any person to think – How long does it take vitamins to work and will these have any side effect? It is because the patients are advised to take the supplements regularly for longer periods. This leaves them confused about when their body will not require taking supplements anymore. Here is an overview of how body responds when its nutrient stores are quite lean.

In case the nutrient deficiency is quite serious, a person should stick to the supplements for weeks and months. It is worth understanding that vitamins that are water-soluble tend to get absorbed faster than fat-soluble ones. Thus, due to slow absorption, the fat-soluble vitamin’s deficiency takes longer time to overcome.

Effect of vitamins on body with continued use

Of course, Let’s find out changes that are studied in the consumers who were put on vitamins regimen. This is a day wise journal that helps in finding the effect of various high quality vitamin supplements on overall health of the consumer.

Day 1

Improvement in health coincides with the regular intake of vitamins. Vitamins like B complex and vitamin C start working from the very first day. The patient should not stop the use on feeling better and should complete the whole term.

Day 7

Mostly, vitamin supplements are advised for a week and in some cases for months. Day 7 of eating vitamins of water soluble and fat-soluble nature show positive impact on digestive system. The energy levels are improved too.

Day 14

Vitamins play a role in improving skin and overall health. It takes about two weeks for body to absorb essential vitamins responsible for healthier and radiant skin. The body aches caused due to vitamin deficiency start to subside and disappear in some cases. You will find nails also improving in strength, which solves the problem of brittle nails.

After 1 month                                                                                        

Taking vitamin supplements for months is advised to treat serious deficiency of vitamins such as beta carotene deficiency. After completion of one month, the body actually adjusts to the vitamin supplement. The biological clock is altered and that brings sustainable changes in the body in right direction.

After 3 months

This is the time when fat-soluble vitamins have finally been absorbed in the body. This improves deposit of calcium and other minerals and there is reduced risk of osteoporosis. The cardiovascular health is also improved which, in turn, reduces risk of death.

On completion of one year, body has gained energy and various health benefits. All life processes are regularized and the risks of various diseases is eliminated.

Speaking vitamins wise, vitamin C and vitamin B complex levels are improved in a day. Vitamin D  supplements only work on completion of a week.

The best way to stock up vitamins in body is increasing amounts of greens and fruits in our plate. Consuming fruits and vegetables regularly enhance the effect of vitamins supplements and one can find faster results.

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