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How long does a dental bridge last?

An overview of dental bridge and their longevity period

Dental bridges are the supportive teeth that help you to fill the gap between your missing teeth. They give you a real tooth look as well as perform the functions of that missing tooth. The term “false teeth” also apply to them. As a matter of fact, Tooth loss is most commonly caused by gum diseases and accidental injuries.

But sometimes genetic conditions can also be the reason for missing teeth. Dental bridges are life-saving for such people. Also, we have become much more advanced in the medical field hence unlike in the past nowadays the process of putting these bridges in the mouth is pain-free. Dental bridges can normally make of gold, porcelain, or alloys. It completely depends upon the patient’s choice.

When false teeth are placed they are supported by the neighbour’s natural teeth called crowns. These dental crowns also provide strength to the dental bridge. In this article, you will get all the information you need to know about before getting a dental bridge.

Types of dental bridge

Talking about the types of these bridges mainly they are of three types. The name of these are:

  1. Traditional (fixed) bridges
  2. Cantilever bridges
  3. Maryland bonded bridges

Let’s know about these in a little detail.

Traditional fixed bridge

Of course, Bridges of this type are the most common here. They act as a filler for your teeth. If you want this type of bridge then your supporting teeth should be healthy to provide strength to this filler. the doctor will reshape your natural teeth a little just to fit these into your gaps.

Cantilever bridge

These types of bridges are used when one or both sides of the missing tooth are empty. These are placed with special cautions. Because there is a high risk of placing them in a destabilized position.

Maryland bonded bridge

In addition, Maryland bonded also called for “resin-bonded bridges“. The metal framework is what makes them. And used for the front teeth to keep your mouth clean. Compared to the fixed bridge these are a more convenient option. Because it doesn’t require reshaping of the crowns.

Longevity- How long does a dental bridge last?

Before getting these bridges people often ask how long the dental bridge will last. So many factors decide the life of dental bridges but on average dental bridges can stay up to 5 to 7 years. It also depends upon what kind of lifestyle you have.

Factors to decide the dental bridges life

So many factors affect these but some of the main factors are as follows:

1) Oral habits-

Chewing ice, eating sticky food, consuming carbohydrates and how many meals you take in a day, etc are some examples that decrease the dental bridge life.

2) Good oral hygiene-

To keep your dental bridges for a long time it is very important to maintain oral health. You can always brush your teeth twice a day to keep them clean. Moreover, Keeping your teeth clean will help protect your fixed bridge from plaque.

3) Replacement-

Although the lifespan of dental bridges are very long but still on average dental bridges need to be replaced every 7 to 8 years.

So, practising good oral habits is the main factor to avoid any damage to the dental bridges.

Another option instead of dental bridges

If you don’t want these bridges then there are other options available as well. There are two options. One is dentures.  And the other one is dental implants. Dentures are removable teeth you can remove them anytime and clean and place them again all by yourself. Whereas a dental implant is a surgical procedure, with the help of surgery doctors place the implant in your missing place.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental bridge

Talking about this there is no such disadvantage found as long as you follow all the guidelines by your doctors. According to research by Rochester medical centre, the number of people losing their teeth at 40-70 years of age is reduced. People are taking good care of their teeth, as indicated by this statistic.

University of Rochester medical is among the most respected institutes in the medical field.

Dental bridges have the following advantages:

  • Prevent healthy teeth from moving out from space.
  • Help you in getting your smile back.
  • They help you to bite properly.
  • Also, help in chewing and speaking.

There are many procedures available on the market for restoring your teeth. But the dental bridge is the most common among them all because of the low-risk factor. Also, you can replace them easily. And the cost of getting there is also average. And after getting your dental bridges, always follow your doctor’s directions for dos and don’t.

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