Honey in Coffee Good or Bad? Benefits Explained


People are often confused about we can use honey to sweeten coffee or not. There are certain things which you should know about the honey before anything you do on your own.

Honey has many good effects on the human body. One hundred per cent pure honey is always recommended. The blood sugar level of honey is 58 GL.

Comparison of honey and sugar

You might get shocked when you get to know that honey has more calories when you compare it with sugar. An average teaspoon of honey has 21 calories, and sugar has somewhere around 21 calories.

Of course, you should use honey instead of sugar in your coffee because it has more health benefits. Both honey and sugar have their advantages and disadvantages. 

We will focus on both sides in detail below.

1) Honey includes fructose and glucose in it. Glucose is easier to burn than fructose. Fructose are more likely to turn into fats, and they are not easy to burn. White sugar has complex sugars known as disaccharides, which turns into glucose and fructose.

Hence this procedure is too long and may take time to burn the calories. That’s why honey stands to be a healthier alternative to sugar.

2) Properties like antioxidants, Anti-bacteria, minerals like sulfur, potassium, sodium chloride are also present.

3) Honey also has vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and vitamin c.

How to make coffee using honey

You can make the coffee using honey as it is more beneficial than sugar. Coffee lovers who love drinking coffee in the stressful time or while working can also pay attention to their health by adding honey to their coffee.

Step-1) Firstly, you can take the brewed coffee powder.

Step-2) Pour coffee powder and milk together in a vessel and cook for some time.

Step-3) Then put honey in coffee for sweetening, or you can also add honey to your coffee with milk and coffee powder at starting.

Step-4) Do not add artificial sweeteners.

Step-5) Cook for some time. Remember, do not boil.

Step-6) your healthy cup of coffee is ready to drink.

Types of honey for benefits of health

There are a total of 8 different types of raw honey that you can add to your diet. We have discussed each type and also elaborated on their contents.

1) Multi-floral Himalayan honey

This type is extracted from the Himalayas. The nectar of the wildflowers is blended to make this honey. Mostly driven from mountain regions. When it comes to medication use, it is one of the best raw honey types.

2) Eucalyptus honey

This honey has the origin in Australia. When you have a cold or a headache, you can use it as a remedy. It also has the strong menthol effect.

3) Acacia honey

Acacia honey is the world-famous honey used to treat diabetics and the respiratory system disorder.

4) Lychee honey

This honey has a pleasing aroma and flavor. It is generally light ambered color. It crystallizes when you come in contact with cold temperatures.

5) Rapeseed honey

Honey bees make this honey using rapeseed, and it also has a delightful taste.

6) Sunflower honey

When you buy this type of honey, you will see that there are sunflowers included too. This variety of honey also has a good flavour and charming yellow color.

7) Forest honey

Originated from the West Bengal and Jharkhand, Shrubs are used for deriving this honey. It is very beneficial for medicinal use and also has taste good.

8) Karanja honey

This honey is made from Karanja or Pongamea blossoms. This raw honey is considered best for medicinal benefits. It is mild flavour in aroma and taste factors. It has the best complex flavor.

Other benefits of honey

1) Raw honey has anti-bacterial properties

2) Raw honey is used to heal significant wounds.

3) It also cures sore throat.

4) Using raw honey increases the ability of the digestive system.


Honey is always good when it’s compared with sugar. Hence all benefits of honey are covered. Also, the types of honey are given to choose the best raw honey for you. Other human body benefits are also given. Choose your best honey and served it with coffee.

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