Health benefits and possible side effects of basil seeds or chia seeds

Almost in every house in India basil plant is found as it is considered a very holy plant. People worship this plant as they consider it as Goddess Tulsi. Basil seeds are another form of this basil plant; it is very good for health. Basil seeds are also known as sweet basil seeds, Tukmaria seeds, Faluda seeds or Chia seeds, these seeds are usually used in making Faluda ice cream, lemon water or milkshakes in summers because it helps to keep the body temperature cool in the summer season. These seeds are good in taste as well as healthy because it contains many vitamins, fiber and full of antioxidants. In summers chia seeds protect us from heat strokes, we can consume it directly or adding these seeds in any kind of drinks. These seeds are also helpful in regulating blood pressure and blood sugar level in our bodies. Basil needs have lots of health benefits and its good in taste, so we can add these seeds in our diet happily.

Basil seeds are also helpful in sudden weight loss as these seeds are full of fiber and antioxidants. Soak these basil seeds with water for overnight, seeds will be double of its size, strain the water and mix these seeds in some drink and you should drink this before your meal, you will feel full and will eat fewer calories, so it helps lose some of your body weight. These seeds are also called miracle seeds as they are full of fiber, antioxidants, protein, and iron. Basil seeds help control weight, regulate blood sugar levels, and blood pressure, good for skin and hair and are good in many other health-related things.

Health benefits of basil seeds/ chia seeds

Basil seeds have been one of the important medicinal seeds in the books of ayurvedic medicines. There are several benefits linked to these small black seeds which do wonders for your health like. The 12 important health benefits of basil seeds for obtaining good health are-

1) Great source of Omega 3 fatty acids:

Basil seeds are full of omega 3 fatty acids, full of fiber and are antioxidant. Omega 3 helps in losing weight and helps in gaining good health.

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2) Controls blood pressure and blood sugar level:

One should soak basil seeds overnight, strain all the water and mix these soaked seeds with warm milk. Blood pressure patients and diabetes patients should regularly drink this milk daily. It will help in regulating the blood pressure level and sugar level in the body. Feel free to check out this article for why we need water every day.

3) Basil seeds are good for heart patients:

Basil seeds have atherosclerosis; it helps to remove plaque from blood and arteries, so the consumption of basil seeds is good for health. Basil seeds are wonder seeds; it is very good for everyone. For serious diseases please consult with your doctor.

4) Basil seeds are immunity Booster:

Basil seeds are full of antioxidants, so it works towards to improve our immunity and provide us good health. One can eat chia seeds to sprinkle over salad, mix it with juices and even have it with some ice cream.

5) Basil seeds are good for eyes:

Basil seeds have vitamin A in it and vitamin A is very good for our eye’s retina and even basil seeds can stop cataract (a disease of eyes). Chia seeds are also good for oxidative stress as it is full of antioxidants.

6) Help in controlling weight:

Basil seeds/ chia seeds help in controlling weight as if we eat this before a meal then we will feel less hungry and we will eat less it means we will consume fewer calories and we will lose weight.

7) Helps in flushing out harmful toxins from the body:

Basil seeds help in clearing all the toxins out from our body and get us relieved from stomach related issues and we feel more energetic, fresh and healthy. It also helps to clear bladder, helps in curing the vaginal infection and also works on kidney stones.

8) Helps in improving digestion system:

Basil seeds have digestive enzymes in it which helps to keep our digestive system healthy and we feel more active, healthy and good.

9) Basil seeds are good for bones:

As per scientific research, basil seeds have calcium, iron, potassium and other nutrients which are important for bones and these seeds also lower the danger of having osteoporosis.

10) Basil seeds are also helpful to get rid of depression, tension, anxiety, migraine:

Basil seeds are miracle effects as it is also useful in curing migraine, depression, tension, etc because it lowers the stress hormones in the body and we feel relieved. It enhances good hormones and we will good.

11) Helps in getting rid of constipation, piles:

Basil seed’s nature is to get double of its size and it has those properties which can cure these diseases, it exactly works like a natural medicine for constipation and even in piles.

12) Also works when suffering from acidity:

As we discussed earlier, basil seed’s basic nature is to cool, it cools down your body temperature that’s why people preferred it in summers more. It helps in relieving the gas, indigestion or acidity.

Basil seeds also have beauty-related benefits

With good health comes beauty, and basil seeds are there to nourish the beauty that you own. Some important beauty benefits of basil seeds for obtaining a healthy and beautiful persona are –

1) Works like anti-aging:

Basil seeds are full of antioxidants, so skin specialist also suggests to use these seeds to improve the skin and one can look 4-5 years younger with its continuous use.

2) Helps to get rid of acne, pimples, and scar and improves skin

Just take 1 teaspoon of basil seed powder mix it with some coconut oil and apply it all over your face, when it became dry then scrub it with your wet hands gently. With its regular use, you can get glowing, pimple, acne-free skin.

3) Helpful in reducing hair fall

Basil needs is a natural medicine, basil seeds have multiple vitamin, mineral, calcium, fiber and many other good properties which helps in reducing hair fall. It helps in increasing good hair volume and makes your hair shiny, long, thick and split end free.

4) Helps in improving hormonal balance

Basil seeds are full of vitamins, Omega 3, fiber and many other nutrients and they all help improve hormonal balance.

Basil seeds side effects

However, even after so many benefits of basil seeds, there is still some kind of side effects about which you must know before consuming them:

Basil seeds are dangerous if you are expecting a baby:

Basil seeds work to lower down the estrogens or estrogens hormone in the body and if you are pregnant then it may be the cause of your menstruation. Bleeding may start if you consume basil seeds in your pregnancy time, so it is better not to take them in your pregnancy time.

Avoid consuming if one is having breathing issues

If somebody is having problems related to breathing issues then they should avoid basil seeds, as it can increase the problem. Also, consult with the doctor before giving these seeds to children and old people, as sometimes it may react to children and old people and can create harm.

Thyroid patients should avoid basil seeds

If someone is suffering from thyroid then he/she should not eat basil seeds as it can create a problem. Basil seeds can increase hormone-related problems. So, it is important to consult with the doctor if you are a thyroid patient.

If you are expecting a surgery

If you are about to have surgery then you should stop taking basil seeds at least 15-20 days before surgery because of basil seeds thin the blood and if it may create a problem in blood clotting. That is why you should stop its consumption at the time of surgery.

Other side effects

There are some other side effects of basil seeds like if you are suffering from low blood pressure then you should avoid basil seeds should because these seeds lower the blood pressure. We should avoid its regular consumption because by regular, our hormones may get the effect. You should avoid taking basil seeds if you are suffering any type of bleeding issues. By the way, To know more about blood donation then refers to our previous posts.


So, overall basil seeds have numerous advantages that easily outnumber their side-effects. Treat basil seeds as your health partner or beauty partner, and rest assured about the quality they bring along.  However, be sure you are aware of the side effects as well and choose it as an appropriate healthy option. Basil seeds are full of fiber, antioxidants, protein, and iron and so they bring along good health with them. Be it common problems like high weight, blood sugar, or blood pressure, basil seeds can be used in all such cases. Not only are they healthy, but they also treat your body for beauty as well and help you look flawlessly young. These small seeds have so many benefits that it is a must to include them in your diet plan. In like manner, if you want to know the benefits and side effects of mangos then you can check and read that mentioned article link so far.

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