Gluten free Chinese foods – Health and taste wrapped together

Gluten free Chinese foods

Gluten intolerance is a big concern for many people. The intolerance towards gluten has become a matter of grave health concern because of two reasons. First, it stops food from giving nutrition it is supposed to provide. Second, it reduces the food choices pathetically, sometimes, making it impossible for the patient to eat anything.

Most of the foods people are accustomed of eating has some or the other gluten rich element. Thus, there is desperate need to look for alternative recipes that are free from gluten. People who love Chinese food can enjoy rice noodles, for instance. To enjoy them further, soy sauce not made from gluten-rich items can be carried along. Let’s find out other ways that help in enjoying gluten free Chinese food.

Making gluten free Chinese food can be a bit challenging and requires learning recipes that employ alternative to commonly used ingredients. First, we have discussed is rice noodles in which refined flour is replaced by rice. Other ways of making Chinese gluten-free foods are:

1) Making soy sauce gluten-free

Soy sauce is an important taste making agent in Chinese dishes. This sauce, however, is made using base as corn flour that offers good consistency. But this can wreak havoc on health if you are gluten-sensitive. The safer alternative would be to use fish sauce. Tamari is a gluten-free alternative to soy sauce. This sauce is made using negligible amount of wheat which is permitted to pass as gluten-free. Tamari is less salty and fermented, offering good advantage to stomach and heart.

2) Replace gluten-rich grains with greens in food

Refined flour and wheat-based foods in diet can be replaced with greens. For example, to make and tie dumplings, the refined floor ties and covering can be made using cabbage leaves and chive ties. Thus, you can have dumplings and rice diet for any meal of the day without putting health at risk. Making vegetable stock is also better alternative to using corn-flour for thickening the recipes. This can make your food healthier and safer to consume if you are looking for gluten-free diet.

How to order gluten free Chinese food in a restaurant

Till the time you are home cooking, you are sure of the ingredients that have gone into preparing meals. But, when you are out for lunch, dinner or fast food to a Chinese restaurant with gluten-sensitive kids, you are at the mercy of chef of the restaurant. Many unethical restaurateurs serve gluten-rich food telling them to be gluten-free Chinese food, but the problem comes to the fore when your kid starts throwing up uncontrollably. Thus, it is up to you to make sure that you have ordered correct food for your child and self when gone to Chinese restaurant. You can do so by:

1) Breaking language barrier

The very first thing you need to do is learn language. Chinese is not known to all and this creates confusion. It makes it difficult to find gluten-free menu card. So, if you have learnt Chinese terms for ingredients, you can know the food better. Do not settle only for rice noodles. Ask for pure rice noodles which are Chinese gluten free dish having no trace of allergic content.

2) Avoid ordering foods with soya sauce

All foods made with soya sauce or brown sauces should be avoided while ordering Chinese food items in a restaurant. This is the safest way to go gluten-free while going for Chinese foods.

3) In fact, you can avoid sauces completely

There are foods like steam vegetables and rice noodles or rice that can be eaten for satiating your Chinese palate. You may be tempted to go for fried rice, but it can be a bit risky proposition when you are trying to go completely gluten-free as fried rice may contain gluten.

4) Communicate with staff clearly

Nothing can match the clarity of personal instructions provided to cooking staff in kitchen. To avoid discomfort of celiac disease, you can give clear instructions to cook in restaurant regarding what ingredients you want to avoid and how you want food to be cooked.

Gluten free options are not hard to find these days. When you are buying groceries, read labels thoroughly. While preparing gluten-free Chinese dishes, make use of rice more often which is considered safe for consumption. Gluten sensitivity can be given tough fight when you have made correct changes in the diet using the points above.

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