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Chances of pregnancy when the sperm touches the vagina from outside - NewsDozens
Can I Get Pregnant If Sperm Touches The Outside

Chances of pregnancy when the sperm touches the vagina from outside

All You Need To Know About Can I Get Pregnant If Sperm Touches The Outside?

  • Pregnancy is a widely discussed topic and the focus has always been on both planned and unplanned pregnancy types. A planned pregnancy is when you are looking forward to getting pregnant and with the help of your partner, you try and get pregnant. Unplanned pregnancy, however, refers to the pregnancy which happens unknowingly or unwillingly.
  • There are often questions regarding when and what type of sex is safe. Moreover, what procedure should be followed to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Similarly, there are questions on pregnancy chances when a man ejaculate’s sperm outside the vagina.
  • To understand what happens when your partner’s sperm touches your vagina, we need to understand the different possibilities. But before that, we need to look into how long a sperm can live in different conditions.

Life of sperm in open

  • When left in an open environment, sperm cannot live for too long as various environmental factors are trying to kill it.
  • At best, the sperm will be alive till it has not dried up and it dries up fairly quickly in the open.

Sperm inside the vagina can live longer

  • Sperm which enters inside the vagina during sexual intercourse can live for as long as 5 to 6 days.
  • It remains there for this duration and if it comes in contact with an egg, it may result in pregnancy.
  • For this very reason, even when you are having periods in your menstrual cycle or have just come out of your periods, and you have sexual intercourse, there are fair chances of you getting pregnant in the early stage of the ovulation cycle.

Preserving the sperm

  • Sperm can be preserved in a controlled frozen environment for very long and can still live.
  • The preservation environment matters a lot and this type of preservation is usually done for research purposes.

Sperm’s life in IUI and IVF

  • When undergoing an IUI or IVF procedure, the sperm is kept in an incubator and it lives there for around 3 days.
  • Now that we have understood the life span of sperm, we should understand how it can make you pregnant when it enters your vagina.
  • Males ejaculate sperms in two ways, the first being called pre-ejaculation in which thousands of sperms make their way out of man’s penis.
  • The other one is proper ejaculation in which millions of sperms come out of the man’s penis.
  • Pre-ejaculation occurs before the main ejaculation and a man has almost no control over it whereas a man is more aware of the main ejaculation and can have control over it to some extent.
  • Once a sperm comes out of the man’s penis and enters the vagina, it then moves towards the uterus and then finally towards fallopian tubes.
  • In the presence of an egg, the sperm tries to fertilize it and once this process is completed successfully, pregnancy happens.
  • With this information, let us look into different ways how sperm can reach your vagina and whether a sperm that touches the outside part of your vagina can result in pregnancy or not.

Sexual intercourse with penetration and the ejaculation before the final one

  • When sexual intercourse is done with penetration and without any protection, then there are high chances of getting pregnant even if the ejaculation happens outside the vagina.
  • The reason revolves around pre-ejaculation.
  • Although the ejaculation may happen outside the vagina, the pre-ejaculation may very well occur inside the vagina.
  • As we know that pre-ejaculation contains thousands of sperms, there are chances of these sperms traveling inside your vagina and resulting in pregnancy.

Sexual intercourse without penetration – the sperm is still there

  • If you had sexual intercourse without penetration and still wondering if you can get pregnant, then the answer is that there are still enough chances.
  • Even though penetration did not happen in this case. but outer sex might have resulted in the sperm touching your vagina area.
  • Since sperm is fluid; it can still travel inside your vagina from the nearby area and make your eggs fertile.
  • Though the chances are low, still you can get pregnant and so you need to take care of post-sex hygiene to avoid any unwanted pregnancy.

Without sexual intercourse

  • There are scenarios when you did not have any sort of sexual intercourse but still, you can get pregnant.
  • For instance, in a rare case, you or your sexual partner’s fingers can reach your vagina while having live sperms on them.
  • Even though the chances are extremely low for pregnancy to happen in this form but still there is a minimal possibility in this case.

Other possible ways

  • Other possible ways of a sperm reaching your vagina include instances such as a bath together in a hot tub.
  • In this case, however, there are almost no chances of getting pregnant since the bathtub contains chemicals which can kill the sperms almost immediately.
  • Even if there are no chemicals and the sperms do happen to reach your vagina, it is almost next to impossible for them to enter your vagina and go all the way to find an egg and make you pregnant.

Precaution is the key – use it and be happy

  • Now that we have discussed the possibilities of pregnancy when the sperm touches the outside of your vagina, we understand that pregnancy can happen in such cases.
  • To avoid an unplanned pregnancy, it is important to focus on prevention techniques such as the use of contraceptives, condom, and other protection methods.
  • These protection methods give a higher percentage of assurance to protect you from unwanted pregnancy.


Sexual intercourse is a key part of life and pregnancy is directly linked to it. For those who want to prevent pregnancy, it is important to use protection. When you are not using protection, there are high chances of getting pregnant even if the sperm touches you from the outside. It is always better to keep protection ready and enjoy your sexual experience with protection. Still, you should regularly check your pregnancy with a pregnancy kit to be aware of your pregnancy status.

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