Can you sleep in a waist trainer? Here is the answer

Why is the waist used?

Of course, the waist trainer referred to as the modern-day corset. It is the undergarment which is made using thick fabric and is steel boned. You can wear it on your waist, and it creates the illusion of hourglass figure for you. It will cost you somewhere around 15$ or 1400 rs.

Is it harmful wearing in the night?

Regular waist training recommends you to wear it nearly 10 hours a day, and according to them, you can also wear it at night. On the contrary, medical experts do not suggest to wear even for 1 hour as it has many side effects.

Besides, you should know that the waist trainer does not reduce the belly fat or promote weight loss. Corset compresses your shape just by wearing it. It is one of the quick shape schemes.

Sleeping positions

While you are wearing your corset sleeping position matters but you should know that you will feel discomfort in sleeping for the first few days, you can get irritated by sleeping with it. First of all, try getting your best sleep position.

For preferred sleeping, try the methods given below.

Side sleepers: – 

You will not feel comfortable when you will sleep on one side of your body. To be balanced while sleeping use small pillows. If you are wearing a corset, then sleeping without pillows will be quite challenging.

Sleep on your tummy: – 

Many people don’t compromise with their night sleep. Hence they sleep in the position that gives the best comfort but if you want to sleep on tummy with the waist trainer, then use corset made up of latex or else drop the idea of tummy sleeping.

Ill-effect of wearing a waist trainer

1) Severe impact on your digestion system as it harms the stomach acid and also impacts acid reflux.

2) Sleeping in your corset may interrupt your sleep at regular intervals.The capacity of your lung can decrease by 40-60 per cent.

3) In rare cases, your skin will be prone to allergies.

4) The oxygen level of your body gets reduced and gets below the normal count.

5) Long term use may fracture the rib cage.

6) Core muscle strength may get reduced as it compresses the body muscles.

7) It damages the vital organ of your body.

8) You will feel suffocating or go breathless.

The reason why should not wear waist trainer in the night?

As we have seen that there are many side effects of wearing the waist trainer at night, you should not put your life in risk for body shape is not a good deal here. Many health experts tell us to trash the trainers because of their side effects.

If you want to look good, you should try exercise and diet tips that are good for health and have no side effects. These things will help you in the long term.


We have mentioned everything you need to know about sleeping with waist trainers. Some of the side effects can also provide here, and the reasons why who should avoid trainers. If you want to sleep with trainers, we have shared tricks with you.

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