Things to Know About Doing Blood Test At Home

Obviously there are various testing kits available for measuring blood sugar levels, blood pressure and so on. But, for testing the blood for infections there are hardly any. You require going to diagnostic labs for a blood test to find out the cause of symptoms you are suffering from and sometimes, just to ascertain the goodness of all health parameters. But, not always is it possible to go to the pathology labs. This is where the blood test at home service steps in and offers you much-needed comfort and convenience.

Why blood test at home can be required

Imagine living all on your own and not finding time to make a trip to the blood testing center. You can understand the importance of blood test at home by this simple example. Notably, blood test service at home is not a luxury; it actually is the basic need of some people having difficulties in life. The best conditions to get the blood test done at home are:

1) Routine blood check-up:

When you are a health-conscious person and want the blood to be tested on a regular basis, you can hire a blood testing at home service. This service can reach you at the time of your convenience and deliver you the test results too at home pretty fast.

2) Investigation of contagious diseases:

Diseases like malaria, influenza, dengue, syphilis, etc. require maintaining the quarantine. If the people suffering from these diseases are given blood tests facility at home, they do not pass on the disease to other people. Since these diseases cause a lot of weakness, it helps the patients in avoiding stressing them any further. Blood tests at home are performed with the help of rapid test kits which help save a lot of precious time and start the treatment well on time.

3) Living alone or senior living:

People in the old age managing their life on their own can benefit a lot from the blood test at home service. They can call the experts to give them the blood sample for testing. You can book the routine check-ups online by referring to the websites of the diagnostic centers nearby. The service providers deliver the reports at home or on e-mail. Thus, it becomes easier for elderly people to be regular with their health check-ups and avoid falling prey to any serious disease that may go undetected in the want of blood tests.

Best benefits of blood testing at home service

The very first benefit is that you get the doorstep service for addressing your health maintenance needs. The blood test service at home is just like a home delivery service and it offers lots of convenience to the customers. The common benefits of home testing of blood are:

1) Specimen collection in privacy:

The cause of getting the blood test done is known to you and your doctor only. Sometimes, the patients are not so comfortable in the hospital environment, which can alter the results of parameters such as blood pressure, etc. Giving the blood sample for testing at home offers comfortable ambiance and keeps the patients calm during the process.

2) No disturbing of the normal routine:

You need not disrupt your daily routine for visiting the blood testing center. The experts coming to you at your home with testing kits to collect the specimen can be arranged to come at the time of your convenience. Various blood tests that require fasting of 6-8 hours can be best done by calling the specimen collector at home. This helps a lot when your day begins with taking medicines. Thus, the eating schedule remains as such while giving the first sample in the morning; results with precision are possible to achieve too.

3) Single specimen for multiple tests:

You need not go to multiple diagnostic centers for getting the complete blood profile. The home medical service providers come with organized testing kits. They can collect the sample for multiple tests at once; this saves you from multiple needle insertions common for doing blood tests.

Types of diseases that can be confirmed with home testing of blood

Home health tests cover a large number of diseases and medical conditions. Whether you are suffering from flu or have other forms of viral fever, diagnostic tests can confirm it for you. Common diseases that require blood test service at home are:

  1. Malaria
  2. Dengue
  3. Influenza
  4. Diabetes and so on.

For diabetic people, there are testing kits available. They need not wait for the results of laboratory testing. The process of using a blood testing kit for diabetes is very simple too. The result comes out in just 10 seconds. However, it is advisable to go for the lab tests once in a while. It helps to know the correctness of the kit you are using.

Precautions to take while getting home testing done

  1. Do not deviate from the medication history: You should follow the regular medication routine while the types of the blood test procedure. The change in medication or eating routine can interfere with the test results.
  2. Ensure that the sterilized test kits are in use: The last thing you want would be to catch infection through the blood test. So, talk in length about the procedure followed by the home blood testers and ensure that they use only sterilized kit for specimen collection.
  3. Be clear about the purpose: You must tell in advance the purpose of the blood tests. The diagnostic experts take precautions accordingly. The specimen collectors may need protecting the self in case you are suffering from some infectious ailments. So, be clear about the purpose while filling the blood testing at home request form.

Types of blood test possible at home

  1. Finger-prick test for diabetes
  2. Blood-thinning and thickening test for blood pressure and clotting
  3. Food allergy test

So, enquire about the diagnostic test at home when you need doing blood testing. Moreover, It may help you save a life and very precious hours of your daily routine as well.

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