What are the best meditation techniques for beginners

Several people turn towards meditation in one or the other point in their lives. Some of them seek happiness; some seek self-control, while the others do it for motivation. Reasons are many, and there have been various techniques around but how to start meditation is still a popular question. If you are a beginner in meditation, you need to stop wandering for different meditation techniques as we are discussing them all here. Let us know the best meditation techniques for beginners and understand how we can get kick-started with them.

The heart of Meditation – Mindfulness

Meditation has always been associated with mindfulness. Simply put, mindfulness means knowing what is going on in the mind. This is one quality, which can make your life much easier in the way that it will allow you to have a very different perspective on everything. This new perspective will push the adrenaline of constant positive energy in your body and mind. How do we attain this state has been the key question. To attain mindfulness, as a beginner, you can start to follow the aforementioned steps. These steps are the stepping stones towards meditation.

Get up for the excitement – Starting it right

The best time to start meditation is when you wake up in the morning. There is nothing better than getting up early and meditating. This enhances your day with positivity and enriches your mind and soul. However, it is not compulsory to start in the morning only. As a beginner, you can choose any convenient time of your choice for meditation. With time, once you start feeling the wonders of meditation, you may want to start your day with it. At that time, don’t hesitate to do the same.

Where is your place – The Silent Den

Before we spill the beans on how we need to understand where to do meditation. You can choose your convenient choice of the place. The most important thing is that you need your privacy. The less disturbing the place is the better. It can be your room, your balcony, a space in the park or any other place of your choice.

Let us do it – The easy process of Meditation

Deciding the time and place were easy and so is starting the meditation process. In the process of meditation, you need to focus on the present and not worry about anything from the past or in the future. How can we achieve a focus on the present? The answer lies in your breathe. You just need to keep your focus on your breathing process. You just feel the two steps of breathing in and breathing out again and again. Once you start to feel this breathing process, you will understand that it is not that easy a task.

Our mind is filled with millions of thoughts at a time and neglecting those thoughts to focus on your breathing may not be that easy. You will have your thoughts distracting you now and then. But then, that is the fun of meditation. You can go through all these distractions and then again come back to meditation. This means you allow your thoughts to complete and then put your focus back on your breathing. Duration you chose for this activity is completely your choice. You can start with two minutes a day and then proceed towards ten minutes multiple times a day.

What lies in the body – The Body Scan

It will take some time for you to get your focus right on the breathing process. Once you have mastered the art of being in the present, you can start with the next step of mastering your body. In this process, you put your focus on what is happening inside your body. You can start with your toes and move up to your head. You can focus on how your foot feels like and how relaxed it is right now. Similarly, put your focus on all your body parts and feel how relaxed they are. This process energizes your body with a lot of positive energy.

Walk with it – The walking meditation

We have understood how we can meditate while sitting in a place. What about when we are walking? When we feel the actions we perform while walking, we are already into a form of meditation called walking meditation. This is another form of mindfulness where we focus on our walk while walking. This form of meditation can also be adopted by the beginners to start their journey of meditation. This helps in two ways – the first being the physical exercise your body does and the other being the mental peace your mind goes through.

Continuity – The key to meditational success

It has been said time and again that continuity is the key to success, be it any form of thing or activity in life. When it comes to meditation, you should try to use the same place and at the same time as much as possible. If you walk, walk in the same place. This helps in building continuity. Once the continuity is established, it becomes much easier to master the art of meditation.

So, will you start meditating?

Meditation is more about training the mind than anything else. You should be the master of your mind and not the other way around. Meditation provides you this unique opportunity. Once you get going with meditation, the world doesn’t change for you but you start feeling the change internally. And once you get into the grooves of meditation, it becomes almost impossible to live without it. Such a power meditation has in bringing a great amount of positivity to your life. So, if you have not already started meditating, start it at the earliest to reap the benefits. You can meditate alone, take help from someone in the form of guided meditation or can do it in a group. Whatever be the way you follow, the result is what will make you a happier person in the end. On the other hand, if you feel free to visit my previous Lemon Diet For Weight Loss tips so far. 

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