Best Home remedy for dog ear infection

Introduction: –

Itchiness, Stress, and loss of appetite of the dogs are the main reasons that your dog might be infected in the ears. Most dog owners don’t understand why their dog has started behaving differently. Most probably, it’s an ear infection.

In extreme cases of ear infection, dogs might start losing their hair, taking circular rounds, and may also lose balance. Ear infection should be treated as soon as possible to avoid these extreme cases. Treat the infection only if it is normal. You should take your dog to the vet if you think it is serious.

Most People Don’t Know About Home Remedy For Dog Ear Infection.

An ear infection may cause specific health issues like weakens the immune system of dogs.

Some other symptoms that are seen in them are

  • Staying in a single place for a long time.
  • Resist eating anything.
  • Itching the ear for a long time with their paws.
  • Redness in the ear.
  • Sudden vomiting after eating.

Types of ear infection in dogs

Ear infection in dogs can occur for many reasons; some of the common reasons are food allergies, bacterial infection, etc., and sometimes due to external factors.

1) Otitis Externa: –

This infection takes place on the dog’s outer part of the ear. If a dog is having such an infection, it is visible to the human eyes and notices.

2) Otitis Media: – 

This infection takes place in the middle part of the ear. If your dog has otitis media, then there are good enough chances to have otitis externa.

3) Otitis Interna: – 

This infection occurs at the internal section of the dog’s ear or sometimes near the ear canal.

4) Ear mites: – 

Check if there are ear mites. Ear mites can also cause infection, which is contagious; hence we have to find the treatment of ear might come as soon as possible.

5) Fungal infection: –

Ear infection can also take place due to the fungal. Due to fungal, your dog might feel itching.

Natural home remedies to treat ear infection

Confirm that it is an ear infection; specific symptoms say your dog is having an ear infection they are as follows.

1) Check if the dog is rubbing the ear frequently

2) frequent ear flap

3) if ears are hot.

4) Rubbing ear with paws and

5) Vomiting.

Avoid conventional treatments; else, your dog will grow yeast infection and kill more good bacteria. Anti-biotic are used for this treatment.

Shake his head and check if he is having pain. If he misbehaves, then there might be a problem. Please don’t overdo it, or it will result in more pain for the dog.

Apple cider vinegar: – 

Take a cotton swab and dip into the mixture in the apple cider vinegar and start cleaning the dog’s ear. Be careful while cleaning. Else the dog might feel some pain. Use the unpasteurized vinegar, and also remember to dilute it.

Oil treatment: – 

Take coconut oil for ear cleaning. Coconut oil will eventually relieve the dog from pain and also make the infection disappear. Coconut also has too many anti-bacterial properties.

Ear cleaners: – 

There are various ear cleaners available in the market for treating your dog. Please read the user manual carefully before using it. If you can afford it, then only go for it; else, you can try other remedies.

Green tea: – 

Green tea has many antioxidants; hence you can use it for a better immunity system for your pet.

Oregano oil: – 

You can even use oregano oil to clean external parts of the ears. Make the small balls of cotton and rub gently.

Mullein drops: – 

These drops can be most effective in treating the infection. Many vets recommend the mullein drop for small infections in the ears.

Tea tree and calendula oil:- 

These both oils contain anti-fungal properties and also has high healing capacity when it comes to infection

Other tips:- 

1) Consult a vet if it doesn’t get cleared in 4 days. Try all the home remedies for four days, and then it is strictly recommended to consult a vet.

2) Keep your dog’s place clean. It will also help dogs to stay away from other bacteria.

3) Make sure you feed them with good dog food.

4) Please don’t make your dog’s ear wet while suffering from an ear infection; else dog will not heal in minimum time.

5) Make them exercise every day as it will boost the immunity system of dogs.

6) Take your dog out to roam and let them enjoy the natural vibes.

7) Ensure your dog has a proper and soft bed because a hard bed may increase the pain of their dogs.

8) Perform the regular checks of the dog’s ear. Take a note of infection; hence if you think it is not decreasing, then immediately consult a vet.

9) Don’t just ignore your pet right away. Check it multiple times a day.

How to prevent a dog from an ear infection

Practicing the above home remedies can also save your dog from getting an ear infection. Of course, You can clean your ears using the oils given above and help you prevent the infection. Check for the ear mites regularly as they can be the primary source of infection.

Cleanliness is vital for preventing infection, and also good food is necessary for a better immunity system. Let your vet decide which food is best for your dog. Vaccination must be on time as vaccines internally fight so many diseases caused by external factors.

Bath your dog every second day to maintain cleanliness and also resist many other diseases.


We have provided in-depth information about the ear infection. There are different types of ear infection, which are also elaborated on in the post. There are numerous natural treatments for an ear infection that can be done in-home, which are also shared in the post.

Some other tips are also provided related to the ear infection, and then we have given information about the prevention of the infection.

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