Are bananas bad for you? Check facts here & decide

Bananas are one of the miracle foods available around – ready to eat and loaded with health benefits. Some may complain them to be stimulating cough formation in throat and refrain from its use in later part of the day for same reason. Still, the best benefits of bananas cannot be overlooked.

Are bananas bad for you? Nutrition make-up tells otherwise

As a matter of fact, one banana offers about 89 calories. Thus, it is a low calorie food good to be eaten when hunger pang strikes. Its nutritional make-up looks something like this:

  1. Water: 75%
  2. Sugar: 2 gms
  3. Fiber: 2.6 gms
  4. Carbs: 22.8 gms
  5. Fat: 0.3 gms
  6. Protein: 1.1gms

Thus, rich in carbohydrate and sugar, banana offers finer way of beating the cravings. Some studies suggest the fruit to be rich in vitamin b6. 1 medium banana comes packed with 0.4mg of vitamin b6. This vitamin is responsible for red blood cells creation in body besides doing various other functions. Thus, people suffering from anemia must consume banana daily.

Feel good factor of banana

There are certain foods which are believed to help in reducing feeling of depression and anxiety. Banana is one of them. The fruit is rich in vitamin B6, a vitamin that converts tryptophan into serotonin – a chemical responsible for lifting a person’s mood. So, when you feel low on a continual basis, make changes in diet by including banana in it. The regular use of this fruit helps in feeling good. Energy derived from it allows doing more work in a day too.

Banana – a miracle food for kids

Kids need lot of nutrition in their diet to meet the requirements of their physical and mental growth. Banana is one of the fruits that taste good, is easy to digest and can be eaten anywhere, anytime. It is quite beneficial for growing kids because of its positive effect on heart function, digestion system and bone strength. Bananas are rich in calcium content. About 100g of banana carries 5mg of calcium. Those small kids who are in state of weaning can be given mashed banana regularly to keep their tummy full and meet their nutritional requirements. At every stage of growth of kids, banana continues to be a support system.

The best advantage of banana is that it tastes really good and that kids are ready to eat it without a fuss. Toddlers can be fed with sliced bananas set over peanut butter smeared on the bread and made into a sandwich. This forms healthy food for breakfast and offers loads of energy for daily chores.

Banana for unsettled stomach

Banana is one of the foods easy to digest. This food works great for people suffering from diarrhea or unsettled stomach. When kids show signs of stomach ache or loose motions, they can be given banana as it is known for inducing constipation. Thus, the effects of loose motion can be counteracted with banana and kids will feel good and energetic too. Some people suggest eating bananas with yoghurt for added impact.

Banana – an advantage for pregnant ladies

Pregnant women need to eat for two, as they say. The growing nutritional demands of pregnant women can be met with the use of banana in daily diet. Especially, in second semester, when the focus is on promoting bone strength of baby growing inside, the dietitians suggest women to eat a banana daily.

This is useful in meeting the calorie requirement of body and in enhancing calcium intake. If a pregnant woman does not want to depend too much on calcium supplements, they can go for chestnut, banana and white sesame to fulfill their calcium intake.

Apart from calcium, banana is high in potassium. There are certain amino acids also found in Banana that make this food good for pregnant women.

Banana good for heart patients?

People suffering from heart disease find good source of nutrition in banana. This fruit is rich in fiber, potassium, folate, etc. It is also rich in antioxidants and therefore, is considered good for promotion heart health.

Foods that prevent aortic stiffness or calcification of vascular system are helpful in avoiding heart diseases and promoting good heart health. Potassium content of banana is useful in preventing these conditions. Thus, people suffering from heart diseases can consume banana safely and have fiber rich way of sweetness in their diet.

When not to eat bananas?

Though banana is quite good for health, there are certain times when this fruit is not considered good. For example, eating banana should be avoided in case of cough and cold. People may feel the condition of cough aggravated when they consume banana during night. Grannies, since old times, have been advising not to eat banana during night.

This food should also be avoided on empty stomach. It is notoriously known for causing digestive problems because of their excess fiber content. Thus, it should be eaten in moderate amounts.

Also, if you are suffering from headache or migraine, banana should be avoided as it causes migraine-induced headache. Cramps, gas, bloating are other side-effects which makes banana a bad choice for people having poor digestive system.

Third condition when banana needs to be avoided is when weight is a problem to people. Those wanting to weight loss then need avoiding banana because of its starch content.

Banana has added sugars, therefore, it is to be avoided by people suffering from chronic type 2 diabetes. To avoid increase in blood sugar levels, one needs to stay away from banana.

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