9 Genuine Tricks For How To Make Your Teeth White

There are various tooth whitening products available in the market, but they are full of chemicals. Treating the yellow teeth is not that tough you can also make your teeth shine through home remedies.

Whitening treatments are also available which are provided by dentists like rubbing, polishing, etc. But practicing them a lot of time may weaken your teeth muscles. Taking care of your teeth is a must for oral health.

What is the reason behind when your teeth become yellow?

There are many reasons because of which your teeth may become yellow. Some food may cause stains on your tooth enamel. Plagues that are created due to foods and drinks also make your teeth yellow. If you clean your teeth daily and take some precautions you will get your sparkling teeth back.

9 Best Instructions to make your teeth white

1) Oil pulling: –

You can use the oil pulling method to whiten your teeth. For doing this coconut oil is recommended, but if you want to use other oil you can use it. Oil pilling is also necessary for removing the toxins from your body.

If you will practice the oil pull daily, not only you will get rid of staining teeth but also it will maintain your oral health.

2) Activated charcoal: –

Buy some activated charcoal from the market. Crush it and make the proper paste of it and apply on your teeth keep it for some time and wash it. You can also try the charcoal-based toothpaste but try to use the natural ones or with fewer chemicals

3) Brush your teeth: –

Brush your teeth twice daily first after waking up and second before going to the bed. Many people don’t prefer to brush the teeth at night but it is necessary for teeth as it removes the plague that formed after having dinner.

4) Whitening toothpaste: –

You can also try whitening toothpaste to brush the teeth. Natural toothpaste is recommended as they are best for removing surface stain if the teeth.

5) Whitening strips: –

There are many teeth whitening strips available in the market. The amount of time to apply the strips depends on the product you choose, but the average time to keep strips on your teeth is 30 minutes.

6) Avoid red wine:

Red wine drinkers may see that their teeth are less white as compared to the other people hence stay away if you are concerned about the white teeth.

7) Baking soda: –

You can also use baking soda to whiten your teeth as it not shown in Healthline media. but the paste of baking soda will also help to whiten your teeth.

8) Bleaching: –

One of the best bleaching agents for the teeth is Hydrogen peroxide. You also add Hydrogen peroxide to the baking soda paste and use it. Remember not to use it daily as it has some harsh effect to use it once a week.

9) Diet: –

While making some changes in your diet you can maintain the shine of your teeth. Papayas and pineapples contain enzymes called Bromelain and papain which will help you to whiten the teeth.

Don’t try these methods: –

Vinegar: –

Vinegar is a substance that has acidic acid hence many people think that it can be best for your teeth. On the contrary, you are making the condition worst because the inner part of your mouth is sensitive hence you should not waste your time.

Lemons: –

Lemon is a good bleaching agent but lemon is recommended only for external use it won’t be that helpful when it comes to the teeth.

Expensive products: –

Don’t go for the expensive products which claim to remove the stains. You can try home remedies and still get better results. Though these products are medically reviewed but then buying expensive products won’t make sense.


We have shared with you the information about the stains and plagues of the teeth. Some instructions are provided to you so that you can whiten your teeth instantly. We have also shared the methods which are of no use so don’t go for them.

Of course, all of the above methods are 100% genuine, tried, and tested. They are all home remedies so no need to buy the extra material. Hope you liked the information thanks for reading. Stay connected 🙂

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